Minutes of Meeting 4 December 2000


Regional Councillor, Wendy Stewart, presented a report on the following:

Fred McLennan: reported that he had talked to Mary Jarvis who is representing Minto Corporation; she expects to present a plan for the development of the property on McCarthy at the end of January 2001.

Alan Asselstine: It is advisable to have an officially recognized Neighbourhood Plan, the draft Neighbourhood Plan has no legal status! We tried to get an official Neighbourhood Plan but the issue was dominated by the southern corridor: There was no ag reement between those that wanted to keep it open and those who wanted to get an offically recognized agreement. We did get the support of the City plus a planner who was assigned to the project. The current situation is that there is an impasse, there is no agreement between the property owner (the NCC) and the community. There is an officially recognized plan for Sawmill Creek which does provide important environmental protection.

Ann MacKenzie is concerned about the development on McCarthy, she would like to ensure that parking be restricted to the interior of the development rather than overflow onto McCarthy itself.

Nancy Seaby said that the interior streets will accommodate parking because they will be the proper width (9 metres).

Alan Asselstine: If we are pragmatic, we can have an influence, infill is needed.

James Mihychuk: If private driveways were built right on McCarthy Road they would interfere with fire engines from the Fire Station.

Alan Asselstine: McCarthy Road is designated as a collector.

Nancy Seaby: The All Candidates Meeting for the Federal Election was quite a success! The Hunt Club Riverside Recreation Association have purchased a new computer and a new safe. The new computer is a much needed improvement. Programs run by the Hunt C lub Riverside Recreation Association are attracting people from all over the City. Robert Carrier is interested in operating the ice rinks at Owl Park and at the Hunt Club Riverside Communty Centre.

Next meeting: Mon 8 Jan 2001 at 7:30pm