Minutes of Meeting 8 January 2001


Regional Councillor, Wendy Stewart, presented a report on the following:

Fred McLennan: said that we are still paying $350 a year for insurance for operating the ice rink but we should drop the insurance since we have dropped the ice rink.

Nancy Seaby said that she expects to attend the meeting of the editorial board of the Hunt Club Riverside News this week.

Mary Jarvis dropped off a scale map showing Minto's plans for development of its property on McCarthy Road: there are 155 single family homes and 18 townhouses. Most of the discussion concerned the proposed development.

Fred McLennan: To get the zoning on the property changed Minto must provide a plan of subdivision and hold a public consultation meeting. He would ask Wendy Stewart for a complete explaination of the steps required.

There was general concern about the driveways which would exit directly onto McCarthy Road and Cahill Drive. The traffic from these driveways and the cars parked on the road would visually clutter the neighbourhood, reduce the safety of school children and impede access of fire engines which are stationed down the road. The driveways did not align with Pigeon Terrace on the other side of McCarthy nor with the entrance to the townhouses on the other side of Cahill.

Next meeting: Mon 5 Feb 2001 at 7:30pm