Minutes of Meeting 5 March 2001


Regional Councillor, Wendy Stewart, presented a report on the following:

Wendy Stewart presented a written report, the proposed Minto development on McCarthy was the main item of interest. Wendy said that Minto had made several changes to its plan : reducing the number of houses fronting on McCarthy and Cahill, adding more double car driveways and aligning the entrance on Cahill with Killdeer Bay but she felt that further changes could be made including further reduction in the number of houses fronting McCarthy and Cahill.

Ann MacKenzie asked if further comments on the plan could still be submitted since the plan had been amended.

Wendy said that they could and that she would like to review them with Cheryl Brouillard the City Planner assigned to this project.

Mike Nihmey surveyed residents on their opinion of possible traffic lights at McCarthy and Cahill. He surveyed 75 people, five were definitely in favour and three were definitely opposed. He thought that people in general were ambivalent. Mike was disappointed that Minto had not aligned the entrance on McCarthy with Pigeon Terrace and that the road layout would force school children to walk further and it would discourage residents of the new development from taking the bus.

Wendy said that the volume of traffic at the intersection was now at 74% of the warrants, once it reached 100%, traffic lights would be put in. Also the City would not allow Minto to put two entrances onto McCarthy.

Dan Gratton would like to see the existing stand of cedar trees at the back of the property preserved.

Doug Wilmot said he would like to have five acres set aside so that the existing stand of cedars would be preserved.

Wendy said that in regards to total greenspace, Hunt Club is in good shape. City and Provincial policy is to encourage infill to provide housing, the City right now has a housing crises. Housing is an appropriate use of this site. "Your best bet is to enlarge the lot sizes so that they are compatible with the existing housing".

Suzanne Lapointe said that we need to choose our fight.

Wendy said that the City would examine the new development from many angles, for example the City would look closely at schools, transportation and electrical power supplies. She would ask Cheryl Brouillard a professional planner at the City to help us evaluate Minto's plan.

Doug Wilmot asked is the City broke?

Wendy said that the City has lost $100 million annually in transfer payments from senior governments, they are not participating in building infrastructure. The City is not rich.

Alan Asselstine asked when construction on the Sawmill Creek Conservation Project would start.

Wendy said that City Council recognized it as an important local priority.

Dave Lamb moved to accept February's minutes, seconded by Nancy Seaby, carried.

Alan Asselstin moved to ajourn, seconded by Dave Lamb, carried.

Next meeting: Mon 2 Apr 2001 at 7:30pm