Minutes of Meeting 7 May 2001


Motion: Fred Winters moved to give the Fireworks Group $100; seconded by Liz Russell - carried.

Regional Councillor, Wendy Stewart, presented a report on the following:

Fred McLennan reported ongoing discussions between the City Planner Cheryl Brouillard and Minto Development concerning the development on McCarthy Road. Items discussed were side yards of 0.9 m on each side, interior road width of 18 m and cash in lieu of land. The proposed development will be presented before Planning Committee on May 24, 2001.

Alan Asselstine said that presentations made before the Planning Committee can not be determined beforehand and that the Community should be prepared to respond. He noted that the Community Organization has delegated a Committee to follow this issue.

Peter Foulger said that the Community has to be there.

Nancy Seaby reported on the Community Resource Centre. Wendy Stewart has invited a group of interested citizens to participate in the planning of a Community Resource Centre for Hunt Club. It would include a Community Policing Centre, English Language instruction for immigrants and a seniors program. The Resource Centre would require an addition to the existing Hunt Club/Riverside Community Centre and an architect is providing advice on the addition.

Alan Asselstine noted that the existing basketball court and the children's play area just west of the Centre are very popular and care should be taken to keep them at their current size.

Liz Russell was happy to hear that a Police Centre would be included in the new Resource Centre. She thanked the News for advertising Spring Cleanup Day and the City of Ottawa for placing new no-littering signs and adding new garbage containers around the Community Centre. She expressed the wish that Minto would clean up the garbage on its newly acquired land.

Fred McLennan presented a letter from Lucy Corbin asking for a donation to the annual May 24th fireworks.

Next meeting: Mon 4 Jun 2001 at 7:30pm