Minutes of Meeting 6 November 2006


Motion: To accept the Treasurer's report. Moved by Kathy Ablett, seconded by Art Miskew. Carried.

City councillor, Maria McRae reported on the following:

37 people attended the Annual General Meeting.

Fred McLennan announced the start of the Annual General Meeting and introduced Maria McRae.

Maria McRae introduced Rod Bryden, President and Chief Executive Officer of Plasco Energy Group Inc.

Rod Bryden provided an introduction to waste management: waste is either burned or buried. He compared waste management in North America, Europe, Japan and China. Waste is a world-wide issue - it increases as incomes rise and as populations grow. I n Canada there are only two operating incinerators - one in Peel County, Ontario and one in Burnaby B.C. Viable incinerators must be big - 1000 tons a day and bigger. Plasco is building a pilot plant of 100 tons a day in Ottawa, across the road from the Trail Road landfill. The pilot plant employs new technology that burns waste in a specially controlled process that almost completely eliminates pollution. Mr Bryden fielded many questions about the process and the plant.

Fred McLennan introduced three candidates who are running in the municipal election November 13:

Alan Asselstine gave the Treasurer's report: All residents of Hunt Club are members of the Hunt Club Community Association, a small group meets every month to discuss issues such as traffic and security. We would like to have more directors. Last year we spent $50 more than we received but we still have $8000.

Maria McRae conducted the election of officers:

Next HCCO meeting: Mon 4 Dec 2006 at 7:30pm