Minutes of Meeting 14 September 2009


Motion: To accept the June 2009 minutes. Moved by John Sankey, seconded by Peter Brimacombe, carried.

John Sankey: Jerry Beausoleil prepared and delivered a letter concerning the traffic lights at 300 Hunt Club Road. The letter said that the HCCO opposes the traffic lights because they will disrupt the flow of traffic on a major arterial road.

Maria McRae: Presented her report.

Peter Brimacombe: Mothers with young children sometimes feel threatened by dogs running in Owl Park.
Maria McRae: Dogs are not allowed within a certain distance of the play structure so the mothers should immediately call the City ( 311) to complain. Dogs are allowed off-leash in Owl Park but they are not allowed near the play-structure. She wants to keep the existing designation but supports complaints against owners who allow their dogs within the restricted zone.

Next meeting: October 5, 19:30