Minutes of AGM 2 November 2015


John Sankey and Aija Auzina asked for minor amendments to the agenda.

Motion: Approve the Agenda. Moved: John Sankey, Seconded: Marilyn Koch. All were in favour.

Motion: Approve the October 5 meeting minutes. Moved: Brian Wade, Seconded: Denyse Baizana. All were in favour.

Councillor's Report:
Councillor Riley Brockington presented the Councillor's Report. Some additional concerns and opinions were raised:

Councillor Brockington presented John Sankey with a Certificate of Recognition, signed by Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Brockington, in appreciation of Mr. Sankey's service as President of the HCCO from 2007-2015 along with all other support he has given to the Hunt Club community.
Christine Johnson also recognized Mr. Sankey's contributions to the community on behalf of the HCCO executive.

President's Report:
Christine Johnson presented the President's Report.

Point of Order: Move the HCCO elections agenda item to be next, given the time left for the meeting. Put forth by: John Sankey. Accepted.

Elections, chaired by John Sankey, retiring president:
Sue McCarthy nominated Christine Johnson for President, Seconded by Marilyn Koch.
Fred McLennan moved to close the nominations for President, Seconded by Al Gullon. Christine Johnson is now President by acclamation. John Sankey is now Past President.
All current Directors, Peter Brimacombe, Peter Foulger, Marilyn Koch, Vanessa Sutton, agreed to carry on for another year as Directors.
Other HCCO members who agreed to stand as Directors are Fred McLellan, Ijeoma Udechukwu, Sue McCarthy, Piero Narducci and Wynnie Zhao.
Aija Auzina nominated Brian Wade for Director, Seconded by Sue McCarthy.
Dan Kaplansky moved to close the nominations for Directors, Seconded by Brent Scollie
All Directors are (re)elected by acclamation. We have the full complement of ten directors allowed as per our constitution.

Treasurer's Report:
Peter Foulger presented the Treasurer's report. The finances are in good shape.

Paul Landry Park Cleanup:
Christine Johnson announced another cleanup day for the park this Saturday, November 7th, since the weather is so fine.

Syrian Refugee Sponsorship:
Dominic Lozada gave a talk on sponsoring one or more Syrian refugee families, saying that this would be a great humanitarian thing for the community to get involved in, and volunteers are needed to get and keep this going. Sana Abu Barhem immediately gave her support. A discussion followed concerning the costs involved and the fund-raising effort required. Christine Johnson suggested that a committee be struck for this, and perhaps have representatives from Refugee613.ca involved in a mini-forum.

New Business:
Aija Auzina advocated for a Cycling and Walking Safety Focus Group / Committee, to help get and keep people walking and cycling out there safely, and also suggested including an Environmental subcommittee. John Sankey mentioned that there were already people working on the environmental aspects of the community, but not for cycling and walking.

Motion: Establish a Cycling and Walking Safety Committee. Moved: John Sankey, Seconded: Brent Scollie. All were in favour.

Motion: Establish a committee for Environmental issues. Moved: Brian Wade, Seconded: ?. 16 for, 2 opposed; carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Next Meeting: Monday December 7 at 7:00pm.