Agenda 5 December 1994

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Minutes of 7 November 1994 meeting
  3. Commitee Reports:
  4. Old Business
  5. Correspondence
    a) Copy of Letter Mr. Bernie Geiger to NTA re his objection to an extension of CP Rail abandonment dated 21 October/94.
    b) City of Ottawa dpd amendment to Ottawa O.P. re land south of the Hunt Club Bridge dated 23/11/94
    c) Letter from COA to re-register for the list of concerned community groups for 1995.
    d)COA letter, DPD dated 23/11/94 re site plan control application for 3175 Uplands.
    e) COA letter, DPD dated 17/11/94, re Proposed amendment to the City of Ottawa Official Plan.
    f) copy of Aerobrief
    g) Civic Hospital -November 1994-do we want to sponsor/enter a bed in their 1995 bed race on the canal?
  6. Next meeting: January 3,1995, TUESDAY rather than Monday. 7:30 pm