The following summarises the issues discussed at the 6 Oct 1997 meeting of the Hunt Club Community Organization (HCCO) at the Hunt Club Riverside Community Centre (HCRCC).

  1. Treasurer Alan Asselstine presented a draft report on the 1996-97 Fiscal Year. There was a surplus of $91.43 in operations.
  2. City Ward 0T8 Councillor, Karin Howard, reported on the following:
  3. Airport Parkway ramps. A request by the city to appoint a member to a Bronson-Airport Parkway review panel was mailed on Sept. 22
  4. Stop signs at intersection of Cahill and Twyfold.
  5. Sound barriers at Hackett Pond and Riverside Dr. Residents of Hackett Drive are exposed to excessive noise from Riverside Drive and the Hackett Pond is suffering from salt pollution from road runoff. Moved by Ted Requard, seconded by Fred Winters, that the city be requested to build sound barriers (3m high) between Riverside Dr. and Hackett Pond. Carried.
  6. Rink at Owl Drive. Although there is less available money for rink operation, the HCCO felt it was a worthwhile operation. Moved by F. Winters, seconded by F. McLennan, that the HCCO operate a rink at Owl Drive park for the 1997-98 winter season.
  7. Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the HCCO:
  8. Next HCCO meeting to be held Mon 3 Nov 97 at 7:30pm at the Hunt Club Riverside Community Centre at the corner of Paul Anka and McCarthy. Anyone is welcome. Call Fred McLennan for more information.