See "Cahill Dr. and Twyford" below. Motion made to support local residents in putting a stop sign at corner because 84% of the local people voted yes. Motion seconded, and voted all in favor.

See "Improve HCCO membership collection process" below. Motion made that Bill Royds get together with Gord Aitken and Riverside Park Communication and research a solution. Motion seconded, and voted all in favor.

See "Membership in the FCA" below. Motion made to pay $30 to continue this membership for this year. Motion seconded, and voted all in favor.


The following summarizes the issues discussed at the 2 Mar 98 meeting of the Hunt Club Community Organization (HCCO) at the Hunt Club Riverside Community Centre (HCRCC).

Regional Councillor, Wendy Stewart, submitted a report on the following:

City councillor, Karin Howard, submitted a newsletter reporting on the following:

Z2020 and protecting the Southern Corridor:

Cahill Dr. and Twyford:

Casino at the corner of Hunt Club and Riverside Rd:

Regional web site and budget:

Local governance:

Ice storm:

Municipal Act:


Light rail:

Reusing pharmaceutical products:

Biodiversity on Rideau research project:

Signs on McCarthy:

Airport parkway:

How to improve the HCCO membership collection, and increase revenue for all:

Recreational softball:

Safety audit:

Whether to have our books audited:

Membership in the FCA:

Community Justice Committee (CJC) Anne Brandel

Saving the pine forest at the airport Shelley Parlow.

Rink is finished for season Fred Winters.

Spring garage sale - still waiting for stuff from people Anne Brandel

Neighborhood plan open house 11 Mar Holy family gym Shelley Parlow.

For more information, call Peter Vasdi at 737-6000/736-0787.

Next meeting: Mon 6 Apr 98 at 7:30pm