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Urban Boundary Expansion

At a Special Joint meeting of the Planning Committee and the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee on May 11th, members will vote on whether to expand the urban boundary. This decision, will come to Full Council on May 27th. Some say this is the most impactful decision Council will make in this four year term. The issue is complex and sensitive. This issue is very important in shaping the city of Ottawa for decades to come.

There are different views and perspectives on urban boundary expansion.
Here are some of the perspectives held by those who live and work in Ottawa:

Hunt Club Community Association's Position

While several Ottawa Community Associations have written letters in support of no expansion to date and three city councillors have voiced their support for no expansion to the boundary, The Hunt Club Community Association does not have consesus on a position after disccusing the issue during our April and May monthly board meetings.

Submit Your Comments:

Please let our Councillor and the Planning and Agriculture / Rural Affairs Committees know your views.
It is imperative that Committee and Council hear from residents on this issue. You can submit comments in writing or register to speak remotely at the meeting by emailing by May 8th.

Watch the Special Joint Committee Meeting:
Planning / Agriculture and Rural Affairs
Monday, May 11, 2020 (9:00 am)

The meeting will be held online and can be viewed on the Ottawa City Council YouTube Channel. You can register to speak remotely at the meeting by emailing by May 8th. For full details on format and instructions for delegations can ebe found within the meeting agenda.

Watch Ottawa City Council Meeting:
Wednesday, May 27, 2020 (10 am)

You can watch live City Council meetings on the Ottawa City Council YouTube Channel. City Council Meetings will also be broadcast live on RogersTV Cable 22 and live streamed on the RogersTV Website.


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