To: Committee of Adjustment
City of Ottawa

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the Hunt Club Community Organization I am writing to express the views of the Board with respect to the potential impact on traffic along Hunt Club Road as a result of the application for a minor variance for 2869 Gibford Drive.

While we do not have a comment on the specific application before the committee, we do want to make the point that we would not support the subsequent placement of an additional traffic signal on Hunt Club Road to assist access to and egress from this property. It is our view that:

It is our view that the costs to city residents of further impediments to the east-west capacity of Hunt Club Road far out-weigh the potential commercial advantage to the owner of an additional traffic light.

We appreciate that the minor variance does not request a proposal for an additional traffic light on Hunt Club Road. The purpose in writing at this time is to alert city staff and councillors to our opposition to additional traffic lights in this area and to encourage their support in encouraging development which respects our concerns.

Yours truly

Jerry Beausoleil
HCCO Board Member
613 521-3253