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Residents of Hunt Club like citizens everywhere in Ottawa, the province, the country and the world are getting used to a new reality: hunkering down in their homes, practicing social distancing and wondering what's next. We have been bombarded with information on what to do from many different sources. Your Community Association realizes what you're going through and has put together a list of some useful links.

What's the Latest Information on COVID-19?

Where can I find Food?

Since the state of emergency was declared both in the province and the city, it has been increasingly difficult to obtain food supplies due to panic buying of some items, like toilet paper and flour. Commercial grocery chains like Loblaws, Metro and Farm Boy have instituted seniors' hours (check with store for more info) and are limiting entry to ensure social distancing is possible. They have also implemented stricter cleaning protocols, including wiping down cart handles and providing antibacterial wipes at entrances. Some stores like Loblaws have delivery and pick up at the curb options but there are backlogs of 2 to 3 weeks. However, there are alternatives to the big grocery chains:

Employment Assistance

Benefits to help individuals and businesses facing hardship as a result of the gobal COVID-19 outbreak.

What Resources are Available for Seniors?

I'm Bored! What Can I Do?

  • If you are well, and if you're able, go for a walk around your neighbourhood, respecting social distancing guidelines of 3 metres (6 feet). There are less people about in the early morning or evening. Remember that all parks and playgrounds are closed but you can walk through the park. Just don't stop and linger.
  • Join online conference calls with friends and family. Zoom, Facetime and Skype are popular platforms.
  • Many teachers are offering lessons online for music and other activities.
  • Learn a new hobby. Google is your friend.
  • There are also many opportunities to watch free or tipped concerts online.
  • The Ottawa Public Library has launched Isolation Recreation. Although all 33 branches are closed, the OPL has created an online resource offering 10 different streams of content for leisure and learning including: books, virtual tours, streamed films and educational content. Check out Isolation Recreation for Adults and Teens and for Kids.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Help Flatten the Curve