Local Issues

The Hunt Club Community Association strives to advocate on behalf of area residents in conjunction with our city councillor, our MPP and our MP regarding issues and concerns affecting our community.

Tudor Hall Development

There is a proposal to build a new residential complex on the current site of Tudor Hall (3750 North Bowesville Road). The project will have 392 new homes in two fourteen story buildings. We appreciate the need to build more homes as the city faces a housing crisis, though there have been numerous concerns expressed […]

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Library Services in Hunt Club

Hunt Club lacks a library branch, and in fact River Ward as a whole does not have a single branch. the HCCA advocates for additional library services to the area. Thank you to Councillor Riley Brockington for highlighting this issue before the Library Board. Thank you also to our volunteers running the Storytime for Toddlers […]

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St. Mary’s Development – Hunt Club and Riverside

3930 & 3960 Riverside Drive

The area of land immediately northwest of the intersection of Riverside Drive and Hunt Club Area is proposed to host a new residential neighbourhood with about the same number of homes as the existing Quinterra-Riverwood neighbourhood to the north. This parcel of land has long been vacant though it has a history of repeated project […]

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Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force

In response to the affordable housing crisis, the Ontario provincial government created the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force comprised of bankers, developers and urban planners, in December 2021.  The task force published its report on February 8, 2022 and makes 55 bold recommendations that aim to remove barriers for developers allowing them to build more housing units faster. The Hunt Club Community Association wants to make you aware of these recommendations and what they could mean for our Hunt Club Community.

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400 Hunt Club Road Zoning By-Law Amendment and Site Plan Control Applications

400 Hunt Club Road

The City of Ottawa has received Zoning By-Law Amendment and Site Plan Control applications to develop the site with a storage yard and parking lot in two phases. The proposal includes a total of 79 parking spaces and 377 storage spaces, which are to be used by Otto’s BMW Car dealership located at 600 Hunt Club Road.

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Urban Boundary Expansion

At a Special Joint meeting of the Planning Committee and the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee on May 11th, members will vote on whether to expand the urban boundary. This decision, will come to Full Council on May 27th. Some say this is the most impactful decision Council will make in this four year term. The issue is complex and sensitive. This issue is very important in shaping the city of Ottawa for decades to come.

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Claridge Homes

1026-1054 Hunt Club Road at Airport Parkway

HCCA representatives made written and verbal presentations throughout the planning process. There were media interviews with HCCA spokespersons. The concern was traffic flow and road/pedestrian safety at an already overloaded intersection with a request to reduce the size of the development to minimize the disruption. The Planning Committee made no changes as a result of […]

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