Tree Give Away

Ecology Ottawa/Tree Ottawa are bringing their popular tree give away to the parking lot of the Riverside United Church, 3191 Riverside Drive on September 18, 2021, from 1 to 3 pm.

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Tree Giveaway

Canceled! Unfortunately Ecology Ottawa has sent a notice that this event is cancelled due to tree shortages, combined with unprecedented demand. We apologize if you have registered already


HCCA is partnering with Ecology Ottawa to provide free tree saplings to homeowners in the Hunt Club and Riverside Park communities. This year Ecology Ottawa’s goal is to give away 15,000 trees! One of the best ways to build community involvement is through direct action and distributing trees with tree care information supports this. By co-hosting with event organizers like HCCA, it’s convenient for members of the community to pick up trees and take action in an easily accessible way.

Butterfly Gardening in Ottawa: Webinar

If I can do it, so can you

In this webinar, you will learn how to provide food (nectar and host plants) and habitat (safe shelter) for butterflies, how to grow native plants from seed and where to buy them in the Ottawa area. You will also learn how to adapt an existing garden, or design a new, pollinator-friendly garden.


About the Presenter:
Ms. Berit Erickson has been an avid, ornamental gardener for over twenty years, and an enthusiastic wildlife gardener for the past four. Inspired by some good gardening reads and fortified with her love of gardening and nature, Berit has turned her Ottawa corner garden plot into a thriving pollinator garden for all to see. When not planting and tending to her garden, Berit is dreaming and learning about flowers, butterflies and all good things nature has to offer. She is also generously sharing her knowledge, and taking amazing photos of her enchanting, luscious garden. Explore Berit’s garden and her blog:

Start Seeds Indoors with Science: Webinar

As we kick off another year of GetGrowing, we would like to present another webinar by Renée-Claude. Last year Renée gave a great in-depth look at soil, and what makes it healthy. Well, no need to wait for the snow to melt to get gardening, because Renée has some tips to gear up for summer!

Start Seeds Indoors with Science

With Canada’s long winters and short summers, some of our garden crops benefit from a head start – tomatoes, peppers, and basil are some examples. While many of us get our seedlings from nurseries when it’s time to plant, often, options are limited and costs can rack up.

Starting your own seeds is fun, rewarding, and opens up a world of options when it comes to selecting varieties to grow.

Going beyond the how-to, this webinar will explore some of the science behind indoor seed-starting success, and will help everyone with an interest in indoor growing understand the hows and whys a bit better. Through the lens of plant biology, we will look at the temperature, moisture, light, and nutrient requirements of your seedlings, as well as tips for pruning and transplanting.

Content is geared towards people age 11 and up, but all are welcome.


Renée-Claude Goulet, OCT | EAO

Renée-Claude is a biologist and teacher, working as Science Advisor at the Canada Agriculture Food Museum. She is passionate about helping people understand all the cool science at play behind food, agriculture and sustainability. Renée-Claude loves to grow unusual crop varieties and testing out different gardening techniques in the gardens at the Museum, as well as in her parking lot container garden at home.