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Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force

Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force

Are you ready for the changes coming to our community?

In response to the affordable housing crisis, the Ontario provincial government created the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force comprised of bankers, developers and urban planners, in December 2021.  The task force published its report on February 8, 2022 and makes 55 bold recommendations that aim to remove barriers for developers allowing them to build more housing units faster.

The Hunt Club Community Association wants to make you aware of these recommendations and what they could mean for our Hunt Club Community. Members of the Hunt Club Community Association are concerned that these recommendations, if fully implemented, would:

  • Remove the ability of local communities to have a voice in how their community is developed;
  • Remove the ability of the City of Ottawa to have a voice in how the city is developed by contradicting the City of Ottawa’s Official Master plan that has been approved by council;
  • Not provide affordable housing options for those wishing to join our vibrant community; and
  • Promote Urban Sprawl.

Learn more about the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force and its report by going to ontario.ca/page/housing-affordability-task-force-report

The City of Ottawa has produced its own report responding to the 55 recommendations made by The Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force.  This was discussed at the Planning Committee on Thursday March 10.  For details check out the committee’s agenda (app05.ottawa.ca/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=8508&doctype=agenda&itemid=421164)

What Can You Do?

Stay informed!

To stay informed on issues affecting the Hunt Club community please sign up for the HCCA e-newsletter, attend one of our monthly meetings, or become a full member.  Our next virtual meeting is Monday, April 4, 2022 @7pm. Details on attending the virtual meetings, learning more about the HCCA and its activities, or how to become a supporting member of the HCCA can be found at hunt-club.ca.

You can also voice your opinion by contacting your municipal and provincial representatives:


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