Meetings & Documents

April 13, 2015

Monthly Meeting
April 13, 2015


  • John Sankey, President
  • Christine Johnson, Vice President
  • Peter Foulger, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Riley Brockington Councillor
  • Fred McLennan
  • Vanessa Sutton
  • Glenn MacCrimmon
  • Sue McCarthy
  • Ijeoma Udechukwu
  • Brian Wade
  • Marc Rivard
  • Vlad Tonkykh
  • Brent Scollie
  • José Cardoso
  • Neil Stout
  • Jennifer Radley
  • Sheryl Fabricate
  • Mark Chapman
  • Pauline de Gonzague

Motion: To approve the March minutes. Moved by Brent Scollie, seconded by Vlad Tonkykh, approved.

Councillor’s Report
Riley Brockington: He continues to focus on safety on Paul Anka. Later this year, the City intends to implement a traffic calming initiative south of Uplands by installing flex sticks. North of Uplands there will flex sticks at either end but none in the main stretch between Uplands and McCarthy.
Vlad Tonkykh: Flex sticks cause more accidents.
Riley Brockington: The stretch is a cause for concern and he would like to try this as a pilot project. Accident data from the Ottawa Police indicate that no accidents have been reported due to the yellow flex sticks.
Christine Johnson: Would like to see cross walks.
Riley Brockington: Cross walks can be dangerous because they give a false sense of security. He will look into the possibility.

Riley Brockington: Would like to talk about Paul Landry Park. Following the removal of many trees this past winter due to the emerald ash borer, the City will return soon to remove additional debris, grind stumps and then replant native species in the autumn. He would like to facilitate a conversation between the City and the community on the long term redesign and use of the park.
Christine Johnson: We just had a meeting on the Park and the community is engaged. She will submit a summary of the meeting to Councillor Riley this week.

Riley Brockington: The City has received a site plan to expand Otto’s BMW on Hunt Club Road. The site is located in River Ward but is right beside a residential community in Gloucester-Southgate Ward. The site plan proposes a two-story building, expanded parking to the west and a 3rd turning lane off Hunt Club Road. His main concern is the 3rd turning lane.
John Sankey: There is a problem with the big car trailers unloading on Hunt Club Road. We have been fighting to preserve the capacity of Hunt Club Road. Accidents on the Road cause huge volumes of cut-through traffic on Uplands. We need to keep Hunt Club Road as a high capacity arterial.
Christine Johnson: Although she agrees with keeping Hunt Club Road as a high capacity arterial, she is concerned with the number of speeding cars in this 60 km speed zone and would love to see traffic slow down and respect this speed limit. There has to be an off-ramp.
John Sankey: An off-ramp would be impossible. You would have to cut into the woods.
Vanessa Sutton: John makes good points. We should not have cuts in a major arterial road.
Riley Brockington: Councillor Diane Deans and he will be here on Monday May 11 at 19:00 to discuss the BMW site plan. He invited members of the HCCO to attend.

Riley Brockington: He showed off his new grocery bags and handed them out.

Treasurer’s Report
Peter Foulger: Presented the Treasurer’s Report. The City did a direct deposit of $300. It was to help pay for the new projector. He received three cheques from sponsors of the Newsletter.

Sue McCarthy: There is lots of material for the next Newsletter. Subjects include a children’s book, Shared Spaces, Performers’ Night, Fall Fest, Organic Gardens, T & T, photography and famous people.
Vanessa Sutton: Could we summarize our meeting on Paul Landry Park and put it in the Newsletter?
Christine Johnson: Yes!

Paul Landry Park
Liz Russell: She went to Paul Landry Park and she is appalled! The City crew has cut down hundreds of trees and left the ground covered with wood chips. It’s unsafe and should be closed off. Tree cover encourages gangs and also encourages people with dogs to simply drop the dog poo. The Newsletter is a big contribution to the community. It’s really well put together. She is organizing the clean-up of McCarthy Road, April 18 between 11:00 and 14:00. Volunteers are most welcome. She has gloves and garbage bags. She thanked the Secretary Peter Brimacombe for his efforts.
Vlad Tonkykh: He took pictures of Owl Park. The pathways are falling apart and for some reason the lights are not turned on at night.
Ijeoma Udechukwu: We should raise Owl Park as well as Paul Landry Park to the attention of the Councillor.
Christine Johnson: We are having a clean-up of Paul Landry Park on May 2. She would like to provide juice and Tim-bits to the volunteers.
José Cardoso: He is the Director at the Caisse Populaire which has just opened on Gibford. Hunt Club is a new environment and the Caisse is happy to be here. He went to see Paul Landry Park and explained it to his Directors. He wants to support the community in its efforts to fix up the Park. He will pick up the cost of the Tim-bits.

Motion: To amend the previous motion: To approve the expenditure of $55.00 towards the printing and distribution of flyers advertising the volunteer meeting on April 13. Moved by Christine Johnson, seconded by Sue McCarthy, carried.

Next meeting: Monday May 4 at 19:00