Meetings & Documents

April 8, 2002

Monthly Meeting
April 8, 2002


  • Fred MacLennan, President
  • Art Miskew, Vice-President
  • Alan Asselstine, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Gisèle Loiselle-Branch, Director (memberships)
  • Nancy Seaby, Director (transportation and editorial)
  • Wendy Stewart, RMOC councillor
  • Fred Winters
  • Maria McCrae, Community Services Centre
  • Dave Lamb
  • Tom Collins, The News

Maria McRae: The City of Ottawa has established the Hunt Club/Riverside Community Services Centre, its initial budget is $236,000, activities include the Friday Night Youth Zone, the Log Cabin Program, Monday Night Games for Seniors and Women’s Health workshop and an Estate Planning Seminar.

Wendy Stewart: The City Budget was cut 10%, $35 million was given to improve ambulence services, plus money for 85 new buses and 10 new firetrucks. Of course the budget for the Community Services Centre was approved.

The previous City and Regional Governments had charged developers a fee in lieu of storm water treatment. The expectation is that this money will be spent for more comprehensive storm water treatment. The outflow of our streams and rivers should show a measureable improvement. Wendy is trying to identify these funds and ensure that they will be used to improve the treatment of storm water.

140 Darlington Private: five new rooms will be added to the seniors residence. Longwood Developments on Patermeade Crescent: the proposal goes to Committee on May 9, 2002, the new development will have door-to-door mail delivery and garbage collection. Urbandale plans to begin construction of two towers just north of Fine’s Flowers. The blasting at the Minto Development on McCarthy Road is completed. The stand of red pine on the south side of Hunt Club is owned by the Airport Authority and is zoned commercial.

The Hunt Club Community Organization asked the City to study traffic on McCarthy Road and advise if parking on the east side of McCarthy and south of Plante could be prohibited. The City says it cannot. The intersection at Hunt Club and Riverside will be completely rebuilt to provide better traffic flow.

Alan Asselstine: the footpath from Cahill Drive to the Airport Parkway has been heavily damaged by construction and it needs to be repaired.

General discussion on the O Train: $60 million so far! This is not the best way to spend our money.

Next meeting Mon 6 May 2002 at 7:30pm