Meetings & Documents

December 1, 1997

Monthly Meeting
December 1, 1997


  • Fred McLennan, President
  • Art Miskew, Vice-President
  • Alan Asselstine, Treasurer
  • Peter Vasdi, Secretary
  • Bill Royds, Director (memberships)
  • Anne Brandel, Director (recreation/social)
  • Nancy Seaby, Director (transit)
  • Fred Winters, Director (recreation/social)
  • Gisèle Loiselle-Branch,
  • Robert Staples, Director (representing Quinterra/Riverwood Landings (west of Riverside))
  • Shelley Parlow, Director (representing the Hunt Club Corridor Protection Association)
  • Peter Foulger, Director (representing the Hunt Club Corridor Protection Association)
  • Peter Brimacombe (Resident, Western Community)
  • Ted Requard (Resident, Hunt Club Woods)
  • Jan Duncan, The News



The following summarizes the issues discussed at the 1 Dec 1997 meeting of the Hunt Club Community Organization (HCCO) at the Hunt Club Riverside Community Centre (HCRCC).

Regional Councillor, Wendy Stewart, submitted a report on the following:

  • False Alarm Reduction Policy. The Ottawa-Carleton Police Services Board received the Alarm System Review Report on 18 Nov and tabled it for public consultation. As requested by the Region (which withdrew its support for the revenue provisions of the existing by-law in Sep) the annual fee has been replaced by a one-time registration fee for every burglar alarm system. The report also suggests options to recoup the costs of police service responses to false alarms (one free false alarm only). It recommends an annual alarm maintenance fee be charged to monitoring companies for every customer alarm system registered with the police service, and that information about potential hazards at the alarm site be registered to ensure officer safety. The Police Service is adopting a model of providing Police Services that includes: setting up districts in neighbourhoods, diverting more nonemergency calls to police officers in these areas, and improving the ability to solve recurring problems. This type of policing is designed so officers can spend more time investigating and dealing with the root causes of problems requiring police intervention instead of merely responding to calls for service day in and day out. A basic requirement of this form of policing is to reduce unnecessary calls for service in order to allow time for problem solving. A public meeting has been scheduled for Thu 15 Jan 98 at Regional HQ to deal with the new policy. Residents may make presentations in person or may send in their comments in writing. Simultaneous translation will be available. The amended Report will be sent to all those who had previously contacted the Region with concerns about the new policy, or you may call Wendy’s office for a copy.
  • 1997 Transportation Safety Improvement Program for regional roadways is now underway. Locations with definite collision patterns that meet identified criteria are chosen for this program. For instance, we look for a pattern of crashes that we can actually have an effect on by making some change to the infrastructure (i.e., signing changes, signal timing changes, pavement marking changes or physical changes to the roadway). More than 20% of the locations to be studied in the coming yea r are in River Ward, the ones closest to Hunt Club being: Baseline at Prince of Wales, Heron at Riverside, Kirkwood at Merivale, and McCarthy at Walkley. In some cases the Region can do no more with what is there to work with. It is at these locations that drivers must make the difference, and the Region is undertaking various media campaigns to increase driver awareness.
  • 4160 Riverside Drive – OMB Appeal. The Region plans to appeal the decision of the Ontario Municipal Board concerning 4160 Riverside Drive. It is the position of RMOC that residential development is ill-advised on this site for numerous reasons, including revised provincial Noise Exposure Forecast contours. It is anticipated that the motion for the appeal will be heard in Jan or Feb 1998.
  • Riverside at Hunt Club – traffic signal and pavement markings. The Region has completed its review of this intersection. A westbound right-turn lane will be designated at the intersection of Uplands and Riverside, and pavement markings will be changed accordingly as soon as possible.
  • Sawmill Creek constructed wetland project. The Environmental Study Report for the proposed Sawmill Creek constructed wetland and flood reduction project is completed. The site selected lies on east of the Airport Parkway between Hunt Club Road and Walkley Road, and will occupy approximately 8ha. The purpose of this constructed wetland is to alleviate flooding through the South Keys residential and commercial areas, to provide stormwater runoff treatment, to reduce downstream creek channel erosion and to enhance the natural features of the watershed.
  • Light up the night on 6 Dec to support the Ottawa-Carleton Women’s Action Centre Against Violence (WACAV) in sending out a clear message of hope and support to all women who have experienced violence in their lives. By turning on your outside (porch) lights at 7pm on 6 Dec, and encouraging your neighbours to do likewise, we can help end such violence and make our community safer for everyone. For more information call WACAV. (Also see below)
  • South Ottawa Community Police Centre bike patrol. For the past few years officers have been bicycling through parks, bike paths and residential neighbourhoods in this area. The Patrol’s two police officers and 14 volunteers have spent 400 hours in the community this year, and have yet to be snowed in. Some of the Bike Patrol’s duties include issuing advisory cards at premises with open garage doors or on vehicles left unlocked with valuables inside, addressing park-related problems and liaising with park authorities. The positive response received this year has allowed the program to increase the squad to four bicycles.
  • Macdonald-Cartier International Airport – Master Plan Project (see below)
  • Round table discussions planned for River Ward (see below)
  • Call Wendy’s office to get involved or for more information.

City councillor, Karin Howard, submitted a report on the following:

  • McCarthy Road safety concerns. Residents who would like to be involved in the promotion of sidewalks, roadway changes or other measures designed to increase safety for pedestrians and cars on the section of McCarthy between Paul Anka an d Southmore, please leave your name with Karin’s office. Those who signed a previous petition need not call. There is a possibility that we could make a motion to Committee on 10 Dec; she may organize a strategy meeting before then. (See below)
  • City budget meeting. At 9:15am on 11 Dec the PP&B Committee will review two submissions that could influence the content of the 1998 budget. You are invited to attend and comment. Copies can be obtained from City library branches, fire stations, community centers or on the internet at At budget time, Karin will vote to recommend restricting choices to reflect public priorities re a recent survey and to prohibit any new debt for capital expenditures. The draft budget can always be overturned by six votes at Council; however, your input at this stage is vital. If you cannot attend our meeting, please call Karin with your comments
  • Tax instalments. At Budget Committee, on 27 Nov the City unanimously approved the return to four tax instalments for 1998. City residents did not like the three-instalment plan for 1997. This matter must still be approved by Council on Wed 3 Dec before it comes into effect. City also intends to look at tax planning to overcome difficulties such as the Region requiring the City to pay over its share of the receipts on the due date, as opposed to the date the City actually receives the money. The City had to borrow from the Region last year in order to pay over the Region’s share of the taxes.
  • Southern Corridor (see below).
  • Call Karin’s office for more information.

Airport Master Plan.

  • In Feb 97, Transport Canada transferred responsibility for the airport to the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport Authority. One of the Authority’s first tasks was the commissioning of a Master Plan for airport operations and land holdings.
  • The Master Plan will be a blueprint for the development of the facility and services for the next 20 years, guiding airport management and users in making immediate decisions.
  • A public open house is planned for Tue 9 Dec from 5-9pm at the RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Dr.
  • Does the HCCO want to send a rep?
  • For more information, or to get your name on the distribution list, contact the Project Manager, Robert Ridley (MAXGROUP Associates).

McCarthy Rd. safety concerns.

  • Curve on McCarthy by the woods is slippery in winter, as evidenced by cars sliding into the fence. The grade slopes away from, rather than into the turn. (End of transitway by Hunt Club Rd. is also not graded.)
  • Parents don’t like to let their kids walk along McCarthy for fear of cars running into them. However, it’s possible that, if the road is regraded properly, then cars will go faster around the curve.
  • If City builds a sidewalk on the west side, then they may as well build both sidewalk and grade the road at the same time, in order to minimize costs.
  • For more information, contact Art Miskew.

Round table discussions planned for River Ward.

  • Due to restructuring and provincial downloading, the Region will become responsible for 85% of every property tax dollar in 1998. It will be difficult to make diminishing financial resources stretch to deliver the range of services residents have come to expect. Tough decisions will have to be made in order to hold the line on property taxes.
  • To allow residents an opportunity to have input and give direction on these important regional issues, Wendy’s office is organizing a series of Round Table discussions to be held in our community in the new year. Special guests will be invited, as will leaders representing our diverse neighbourhoods to explore local impacts of government restructuring, provincial downloading, property taxes, greenspace. The purpose is to obtain broad-based community views to be used to guide her decisions at Regional Council. Look for more information in January on your chance to participate or just to learn a little more about these issues.
  • The HCCO should make a point of sending reps to round table discussions (those mentioned in Karen’s and Wendy’s summaries. Peter Brimacombe offered to get involved.
  • For more information, call Wendy’s office.


  • Contract with the City for the rink is signed for current season.
  • Need volunteers to help with the rink.
  • For more information, contact Fred Winters.

Trash and treasure community garage sale at HCRCC in May 98.

  • Don’t throw anything away. Start bringing stuff to HCCO meetings. Ash trays, books, clothes, anything, plants. Dig up and pot plants, especially perennials. These sell well in Spring.
  • Anne Brandel has some money left from previous bake effort, and can use it to start baking and have something ready to sell.
  • Need volunteers to sit at garage sale and sell HCCO memberships.
  • For more information, contact Anne Brandel.

HCCO Finance.

  • The HCCO has paid off all accounts and has no debts.
  • A community resident is retired and does books for various communities in area for a nominal fee. Anne Brandel will research possibility of him helping us audit our books.
  • For more information, contact Alan Asselstine.

Community development.

  • NCC just submitted its draft plans for future development of the Corridor to the City, which presented these – together with development plans for other areas of Hunt Club – to both the Hunt Club (on Tue 25 Nov) and Riverside Park (on Wed 26 Nov) Neighbourhood Plan meetings.
  • City staff will hold a public Open House sometime in Jan or Feb 98. Ultimately a Neighbourhood Plan for each community will result which, once incorporated in the Official Plan (for the City), will guide future development and future preservation of lands. The Plan, once developed, will be considered by City Planning Committee and Ottawa Council in a few months.
  • Karin strongly urges people who care about greenspace to get involved.
  • The proposed NCC draft plan saves McCarthy Woods, but leaves only a narrow corridor from the Woods to the Rideau River.
  • A draft of the Delineation Report, which establishes the boundaries of the Woods is available from Karin’s office.
  • The Hunt Club Corridor Protection Association (represented by Peter Foulger) wasn’t happy to simply accept these plans without also having the opportunity to officially put together alternatives based on greater feedback from the area residents.
  • Peter would like the public (PAC) to consult with Bob Spicer on ground rules on what kind of map and format to present alternatives. Shelley wants to have say in his comments (such as leave area alone without changing zoning) and then have the PAC add comments to City’s comments. There is a workshop process to follow that wasn’t followed at meeting. Up to PAC to go back to Bob Spicer and agree on process and format, and sit down and come up with alternatives together.
  • It was suggested that we should galvanize the community (phone all our friends) to attend the open house in Jan 98.
  • Workshop is planned for week of 19 Jan at the Riverside Park United Church on Riverside Dr.; however, the date may be moved into Feb. Also, the location for this open house was questioned. If the meeting is held in Riverside Park, fewer people from the community would attend. Maybe Bob should book gym, or HCCO or PAC could book gym at HCRCC.
  • Note that City zoning to be changed in Spring.
  • On the PAC alternatives, Art Miskew suggested changing the map format to highlight existing zoning and potential development sites to show number of units potentially planned for those areas.
  • A variety of comments were received:
    • Take notes during future meeting with Bob Spicer to ensure later that Bob meets those criteria.
    • Support for Peter Foulger’s effort, because we cannot second judge community feelings.
    • Should come up with a single strategy. He doesn’t trust the City to select suitable alternatives. His point is that Bob will select the alternative that will best pass council.
    • Should meet with not just Bob Spicer, but also with planners from NCC.
    • Compares Twyford development as what could possibly be developed on open land. Are we happy with result?
    • Based on Champlain Bridge, we need to stand up and be aggressive, because officials don’t listen to public opinion.
    • Tread carefully, maybe present Bob with only one single alternative at the Jan meeting.
  • Question about why develop our southern corridor, when LeBreton Flats is still undeveloped after 30 years. Plus there is other land still undeveloped, such as that owned by schoolboards.
  • Alternatives should be not just “develop now”, but could also be “to delay development until later”. Develop in phases: make sure that infrastructure for development is put in place, in phases, before development takes.
  • Hydro wants a 18-month delay before further development so that they can ensure that there will be enough electricity to supply Hunt Club. Hydro needs to run another line because current lines originating at Albion substation are maxed out.
  • City may change zoning on OBE land to residential. Talk about a land swap with OBE lands.
  • Bids on OBE lands will not be decided on until later. Only after the bids are submitted can the zoning be changed.
  • Think about other lands, such as the park at Uplands.
  • In Spring Bob said that City will develop criterion report.
  • Peter Foulger moved that community reps meet with Bob Spicer. Peter V. seconded. Motion voted and carried.
  • Talk to the neighbors and sign petition about who is interested in saving local green areas (cedar woods), etc. Fold this into the plan.
  • Don’t just drop flyer into mailbox, but knock on door and also try to sell HCCO memberships at same time.
  • Art Miskew and Peter Brimacombe offered to poll every house on Plante drive and get $3 per household to support plan.
  • Alan moved to commit $100 towards effort to publicize the neighbourhood plan study, and to help support Peter Foulger’s effort. Anne seconded. Voted and passed.
  • Put all green spaces into flyer.
  • People canvasing an area should focus on greenspace closest to their home.
  • For more information, contact Peter Foulger.

Concern about the way lands west of Riverside Dr. could be developed.

  • There were no reps from that area on the PAC. People there believe that those areas will stay green. They should know that this green space depends very much on who the developer is.
  • Rob Staples sits on the community meeting of those living west of Riverside.
  • Karen could put out a flyer to the people in that area? Talk to Karen?
  • Two rail tracks in that area, one of which is not in the maps provided by the City to the PAC.
  • If there is to be a wetland, it will be up to the developer to put in the wetland.
  • Region won’t let NCC develop the river bank area.
  • David Biggs was at PAC meeting and also attended Riverside Park meeting the next night.
  • Peter F and Shelley to write an article to The News to inform people. The News also has a picture (map) that they might publish.
  • Hunt Club now has a pop of 12,700. Proposal to increase population would increase beyond 17,000, which contradicts City maximum based on what the existing infrastructure can support.
  • Peter Foulger to submit a report at HCCO Jan meeting.
  • For more information, contact Shelley Parlow.

Development of OBE lands in Twyford area.

  • We should propose options, rather than just accept development in that area. Should poll area residents before accepting an alternative in that area.
  • Recommendation to split the area, zone accordingly, and sell the land in portions, based on neighbourhood requirements, rather than as a whole.
  • For more information, contact Shelley Parlow.

Moving towards Z2020 zoning (HCCPA).

  • 8 Dec is last chance to comment on zoning issues before Z2020.
  • All city is going to do is bring Z2020 into line with original zoning.
  • 8 Dec will be good opportunity to sensitize the politicians to the existence of Hunt Club.
  • Shelley moved to attend that meeting and will speak on HCCO’s behalf. Seconded, voted, passed.
  • Our zoning is relatively fixed; no reusage as in downtown. We need to be very vigilant that city doesn’t change/amend zoning without our approval.
  • Canada Post is on strike, but city hasn’t mailed out notice of 8 Dec meeting to residents.
  • Residents must have a full copy of Z2020 before we agree to comment.
  • Should determine Karin’s position on Z2020 on 8 Dec, not just on 19 Jan.
  • Bill spoke at the 24 Jun City meeting on zoning, which was the last Z2020 meeting.
  • Be aware that, at the last moment, someone in City could propose something that countermands everything public has proposed and been assured of before.
  • Strategy used by those supporting development is to not propose changes during public meetings, but wait until last minute when few people are there and councillors can vote quickly without opposition.
  • For more information, contact Shelley Parlow.

Safety audit:

  • Anne Brandel and Shelley Parlow are actively pursuing this.
  • Planning for mid-March 98.
  • Expecting everyone to participate, and to drag out all friends.
  • Hot chocolate.
  • City will pay for this.
  • Will report in more detail in 2 Feb HCCO meeting.
  • Be careful not to make Safety audit in March break.
  • Still thinking whether to spend 2-3 nights and what spots to target.
  • Shelley would like to send teams out. Spend a night problem solving after walk, involving city councillors to establish whose responsibility it will be to correct problem.
  • Audit is prepared by a women’s group to assess things that make people (women) unsafe.
  • Area by Quickie and Twyford where bushes hide line of sight.
  • Safety audit is a community-building exercise that interests people and shows “secure” people how those less secure or more visible live.
  • Access to green spaces must be safe.
  • Suggestion: save and use our greenspace in winter. Hang lanterns on trees. Cross country skiing. Gives people something to do. Put a hot chocolate place part way along path.
  • Presentation by Barry Wellers at a meeting Bill Royds attended. Barry has a checklist for traffic safety audit. During safety audit also ask people whether the question, itself, is a useful one. Barry could then benefit and create better safety audit questions for future audits. Shouldn’t divert from safety audit, however.
  • Shelley would like to see Barry’s checklist before making a decision. If womens’ group agrees, then the traffic checklist could be incorporated into the audit.
  • Traffic light at McCarthy and Hunt Club out of sync (Gisele). Talk to Wendy because she wasn’t aware of this and would like to be. Nancy: it took one phone call from a store owner to correct a similar problem at Uplands and Hunt Club.
  • Danger to children crossing at church on McCarthy in the morning, especially in winter because of snowbanks that hide traffic from kids. Kids take chances dodging out from the snowbanks. Kids cross to go to Byrns Curry and Owl Park.
  • If you make the community safe for the most vulnerable, then it will be safe for all.
  • Get fast drivers involved in safety audit.
  • Put stoplights where there are more people, not just where there are more cars.
  • For more information, contact Shelley Parlow.

Number of polling stations.

  • Anne moved that HCCO support increased number of polling stations (have one at RCC). Seconded. Voted, passed.
  • No more than 300m from houses to polling station. Have access for all to polling station. Maybe 5000 people in McCarthy Paul Anka area. Don’t take bus to vote.
  • Anne will write letter and get ball rolling.
  • For more information, contact Anne Brandel.

Meeting in Jan 98 about Mooney’s Bay.

  • City has $225,000 to improving Mooney’s Bay. At last meeting only a few people showed up.
  • The News will advertise.
  • Money comes from Confederation Heights. In lieu of that development meeting certain environmental concerns.
  • For more information, contact Bill Royds.

Adopt a riverbank.

  • We can be stewards to natural areas. Area from the Hunt Club bridge to Mooney’s Bay is one area. Lot of erosion, trees, minks, all kinds of interesting things in that area.
  • Grants available to help with this.
  • There is a group that facilitates the process of forming stewardships.
  • Rideau Conservation Authority can supply money.
  • In spring, summer, get gardening club and schools involved.
  • Erosion problem, aggravated by power boats. Slower boats are worse in terms of waves generated.
  • Private property owners have had to undertake massive reinforcement of the bank.
  • Will bring this up in a future meeting.
  • For more information, contact Shelley Parlow.

Other issues:

  • If anyone isn’t getting our local paper, call The News.
  • A no parking sign was put along Uplands Dr. between Paul Anka and Rhapsody Dr. to increase sight line.
  • Bowesville Rd. is still open, and busy.
  • Nancy Seaby, Riley Brockington are to be on the editorial board of The News.
  • Letter of congratulations and welcome (to newly elected reps) printed in The News on 26 Nov: Some HCCO members were not consulted first before it was approved and published, and the wording could have been more direct and less “preachy”. In future, anything communicated to the public on behalf of the HCCO should be done only with the knowledge, and approval, of a majority of board members.
  • Letter from Womens’ action center to keep lights on 6 Dec.
  • For more information, call Peter Vasdi.

Next HCCO meeting:

  • To be held Mon 5 Jan 98 at 7:30pm at the Hunt Club Riverside Community Centre at the corner of Paul Anka and McCarthy. Anyone is welcome.
  • For more information, call Fred McLennan.