Meetings & Documents

December 1, 2008

Monthly Meeting
December 1, 2008


  • John Sankey, President
  • Alan Asselstine, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Fred McLennan
  • Kimberley Dagenais
  • Martina Francis
  • Liz Russell

Liz Russell presented Fred McLennan with a small gift and a card for his years of service.

Alan Asselstine described the meeting Oct 1, 2008 at City Hall that discussed the expansion of the Community Centre and the two organizations it would house: the Hunt Club/Riverside Community Services Centre (Services Centre) and the Hunt Club Riverside Recreation Association (Rec Association)
John Sankey: The Rec Association charges for its services but the Services Centre does not.
Alan Asselstine: Each organization has its own volunteer Board of Directors. The Hunt Club Community Organization and the Riverside Park Community Association started the Rec Association. The Services Centre arranged for the computers to be placed in the Community Centre.

John Sankey: Presented the agenda and asked for any additions. Liz Russell said she would like to speak later.

Motion: To approve the November minutes. Moved by Alan Asselstine, seconded by Liz Russell, carried.

Alan Asselstine: Letter to Transportation Committee about pathway over the Airport Parkway.
Liz Russell: The fact that the twinning of the Airport Parkway is cancelled may help with winning approval of the Pathway.
Kimberley Dagenais: When will the environmental study be done?
Alan Asselstine: It doesn’t need to wait to spring.
Peter Brimacombe: How should we approach the owners of South Keys Shopping Mall for support of the Pathway?
John Sankey: They should be approached through the South Keys/Greenboro Community Association.

Motion: To establish a priority list of items to present to the Councillor. Moved by Fred McLennan, seconded by Alan Asselstine, carried.
Alan Asselstine: Described the major issues of the HCCO:

  • Southern Corridor
  • Minto Development on McCarthy Road
  • bus routes
  • community safety

John Sankey led a discussion on how to enhance the area around the community centre and shopping centre as a social and visual centre of the Hunt Club community. Ideas discussed were:

  • a garden with friendly seating in front of the new center
  • encourage the owner of the shawarma shop to brighten up his interior and to always have at least one good coffee on tap
  • community gateway features, marking the area as the center of the community
  • a mural showing the history of our community
  • street signs like on Preston Street
  • develop Landry Park as a gateway to the Shopping Centre
  • teen activities
  • a wall on which youth can draw

Alan Asselstine: Paul Landry Park would be a good place to put up a mural.

Liz Russell: Has adopted McCarthy Road and has been out 20 times since April on various clean-up projects. She is trying to get the City to provide garbage receptacles along McCarthy Road. During the summer she provided her own garbage cans at Cahill and Fielding Drives. She has been out 12 times cleaning up graffiti – the big silver box at the CNR railway tracks is a favourite target. She contacted Mr Beauchamps of CNR to ask that it paint the box with special paint that makes it easier to remove graffiti. He told her that it was illegal for her to go and remove the graffiti but said that CNR would consider the special paint. Tim Hortons coffee cups are the single biggest item tossed on the Road. She contacted Bernie Horton of Metro Publications. He agreed that the people that deliver the newspapers to the bus shelters would pick up the old ones. On September 6, she was one of 10 that pulled shopping carts out of Sawmill Creek. There were no shopping carts from Giant Tiger and Independent Grocery Store because they have people assigned to managing them on their lots. Shopping carts migrate to the periphery and then get trashed by the youth. She contacted Mr Tate of the City on putting up concrete barriers along the stretch of McCarthy that runs through the NCC property. Cars run off the road on the corner and Liz wants to have concrete barriers to protect the pedestrians on the sidewalks. Mr Tate said no to the concrete barriers because last year no cars actually hit the fence. He did ask for a grading improvement on the Road. Liz plans to plant wildflowers up and down the Road.

Next meeting: Monday 5 January 2009 at 19:30

Councillor Maria McRae’s report was delivered the day after the meeting by email.