Meetings & Documents

December 2, 2013

Monthly Meeting
December 2, 2013


  • John Sankey, President
  • Peter Foulger, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Fred McLennan
  • Steve Long
  • Issie Berish
  • Marilyn Koch
  • Sylva Baroody
  • Kamal Ubhi, Councillor’s Office

John Sankey asked for approval of the agenda.

Motion: To approve the October minutes. Moved by Fred McLennan, seconded by Marilyn Koch, carried.
Motion: To approve the November minutes. Moved by Fred McLennan, seconded by Sylva Baroody, carried.
Issie Berish: He would like to get the minutes even though he is not at the meeting.
Peter Foulger, Marilyn Koch, Sylva Baroody, John Sankey and Steve Long said the same thing.
Peter Brimacombe: Will do.

Councillor’s Report
Kamal Ubhi presented the Councillor’s report: He wished everyone happy holidays, Merry Christmas. The first item was the speed boards. They are signs which display the speed of vehicles as they pass by.
John Sankey: He would like to get detailed reports from the speed boards, whatever they are.
Steve Long: He would like to see the speed on Hunt Club Road reduced. The present speed is 60 but it’s not enforced. It’s not safe for bicyclists nor for pedestrians. Outside rush hour, traffic is going 80.
John Sankey: Speed and traffic on Hunt Club Road will be an item on the January agenda.
Steve Long: Councillor Diane Deans put together a meeting on the recent assaults and robberies in her ward. Does Councillor Maria McRae have any meetings planned?

Issie Berish: Distribution of the December issue of the newsletter is almost complete – 52 out of 81 routes. The route lists have been reorganized and seems to be working well. There are 3 routes without volunteers: Uplands, Paul Anka and Shearwater Court. (Marilyn Koch, Sylva Baroody and John Sankey took them.)
Marilyn Koch: What do we do when we see a ‘no junk mail’ sign?
Issie Berish: Don’t deliver them. Sometimes they are delivered anyway but no one has complained.

Financial Report
Peter Foulger presented the Financial Report. The major expense is the publication of the newsletter but this is balanced by its sponsorships. The term account at the Alterna Bank is due in April 2014 when the money will be available.
Issie Berish: Are there any proposals to spend this money?
John Sankey: He will be listening attentively to any proposals.

Next meeting: Monday January 6, 2014 at 19:00