Meetings & Documents

December 2, 2019

Monthly Meeting
December 2, 2019


  • Brian Wade
  • Sue McCarthy
  • Christine Johnson
  • Peter Folugar
  • John Sankey
  • Lynette Joseph-Sankey
  • Marliyn Koch
  • Barb Shea
  • Abiodun Mosuro
  • Dan Clavel
  • Dianne Nahwal
  • Al Gullon
  • John Reid
  • Lorraine Busby
  • Bert Beechey
  • Lucy Belanger
  • Phil Belanger
  • Claudette Hudson
  • Marwan Nahal
  • Dora Joseph
  • Anne Castle
  • Riley Brockington
  • Anthony Chiarello


  • Peter Brimbcome

1. Welcome & Introductions

The meeting was called to order at 7pm. Those in attendance introduced themselves and shared their favourite holiday tradition.

2. Agenda

It was requested to add item 4E – Library Services Committee Update
It was requested to expand Agenda Item 5C to include Operations
It was requested to add item 5D – Dog Poop

Lynette motioned, 2nd by Al to approve the agenda as amended. [APPROVED]

3. Minutes

John motioned, 2nd by Sue, to approve the minutes from November 4, 2019. [APPROVED]

4A. Treasurer’s Report

The financials ending November 30, 2019 were reviewed.

Barb motioned, 2nd by Al, that the financial statements be accepted as presented. [APPROVED]

4B. Older Adult Driving Initiatives

Barb provided an update on the older driving initiative events that recently took place. Keeping the older driver safe and able as a driver is important. HCCA has expressed its support of accepted programs that help the older driver maintain their independence and their driving privileges. Two programs have been offered this fall to residents of Hunt Club as a result HCCA’s initiative in this area. Fitness to Drive was offered as part of Councillor Brockington’s Older Adult Summit in October and through the Council on Aging Ottawa (COA), two sessions of Carfit were offered in early November. We will request an additional Carfit Event in 2020.

Another event available to the older driver us 55 Alive. It is available through the City of Ottawa. If you are interested in attending a future 55 Alive event, contact the City of Ottawa to sign up. Here’s a link to the courses that were held this fall:

4C. Communications – Website, Newsletter & Emails

Brian gave a brief update on the progress of the website redesign project. Those interested in assisting with this project should contact him as some training on the new WordPress content management system will occur in the new year. Brian also discussed that as President, he is often asked by third parties and board members to forward informational emails out to the entire membership. The assumption is that the membership would appreciate only receiving a couple emails from the association as oppose to the hundreds that could result from accommodating these requests. The plan is that in the future, these requests to share information will be placed on our newly designed website. In the meantime, Brian has stated that he will try to consolidate these emails and include the information in the monthly meeting announcements or with the regular newsletter email.

4D. Councillors Report

Riley Brockington presented his report to the Hunt Club Community Association for December. Please see attached. Riley also noted that the Hunt Club Community Centre will undergo some minor renovations to the lobby area over the holidays. It was requested to install a fanhood in the kitchen as part of these renovations.

4E. Library Services Committee Update

Our committee (Anne Castle, Christine Johnson, John Reid, Linda Sabine, Barb Shea, Gillian Wintonic from RPCA) has been actively working on bringing improved services to our community. Since our November HCCA meeting, the OPL (Ottawa Public Library) has brought one program to our community centre: ‘Pantry Hacks’ on November 12. Two other programs will be coming – ‘Getting Started with Genealogy’ on December 4 and a librarian will come to the ‘Preschoolers and Moms’ morning group for a ‘storytime’ read on December 6.

John Reid and Christine Johnson will each be making a five-minute presentation at the OPL’s Board meeting on December 3, advocating for …

  • outdoor signage pointing to library services at our community centre;
  • adding ‘Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre’ (instead of ‘Kiosk’) under ‘Hours and Locations on the OPL’s website;
  • advertising library programs at our community centre on their website to attract greater participation;
  • ensuring that the monitor above the Book Return Box at our community centre is kept up to date with upcoming events and activities advertised (as opposed to those 3 to 6 months passed);
  • inclusion on a specific line in next year’s budget to reflect historical gaps in meeting this community’s library needs;
  • consideration of using the available space in the vacant units (1006 and 1008) at the Hunt Club Centre (3310 McCarthy Rd) for library services and resources in our community;
  • consultation with community associations/members when engaged in the upcoming study of underserved communities in the City;
  • using reserve funds to address these needs;
  • reconsideration of how-to better use development funds received prior to this provincial government’s mandate, in order to address these needs.

We are also working with the management of our community centre and with Councillor Brockington to see if we might be able to create some kind of a ‘Library Corner/Hub’ in our community centre. All interested community members are welcome to join in our efforts.

5A. Environment / Climate Change / Food Security

Barb motioned, 2nd by Sue to form a committee to work on these issues. [APPROVED]

The following members expressed interest in joining the newly created committee. Barb S., Sue M., Al G., John R., Christine J.

It was noted that HCCA should take inventory of what has been done to date.

A brief discussion took place regarding what the city has done and what it could do to help with these issues. For example: Should the city set limits on the number of garbage bags/bins you can put out on garbage days and then charge if the household has gone over that limit. Members were reminded about Hunt Club Steering Committee’s Food Security Luncheon to be held on January 23, 2020 at the Riverside Churches.

5B. Community Members Concerns

Given the recent resurfacing work on Hunt Club from Riverside to Paul Anka, a member of the community approached HCCA asking for its support in trying to get more of Hunt Club Road resurfaced.

Christine motioned, 2nd by Sue, that HCCA send a letter to Riley Brockington, stating its support for resurfacing Hunt Club Road from Paul Anka to Bank Street. [APPROVED]

5C. Association Priorities & Operations for 2020

The floor was open to those in attendance to note any projects, concerns or areas that the association should address in 2020. The following suggestions were brought forward:

  • Library Services in the Hunt Club Community
  • People Not Picking up after themselves or their pets (Garbage / Dog Poop)
    • Lots of garbage being thrown out in the Hunt Club / Cahill Area, west side of McCarthy. Lots of garbage is from local fast food restaurants, especially around bus stops.
    • Should organize a Park Clean up of Cahill Park, Bus Stops
  • Transportation Issues in Hunt Club Community
    • Bus Service
  • Community Gardens

Due to time restraints, the discussion was cut short. Brian indicated that this is just the start of the discussion and that this topic will be added to the January 6, 2020 meeting to continue.

5D. Dog Poop

This item was covered under the previous agenda item.

Meet Adjourned

Next Meeting Monday January 6, 2020