Meetings & Documents

December 4, 2006

Monthly Meeting
December 4, 2006


  • Fred MacLennan, President
  • Alan Asselstine, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Shelley Parlow, Director
  • John Sankey, Director
  • Pat Murphy, Assistant to the Councillor
  • Gillian Villeneuve
  • Jim Brown

Fred McLennan attended the meeting with the Police at the Barrett Arena on Leitrim Road.

Motion: To reimburse Alan Asselstine $34.20 for printing the flyers for the Annual General Meeting, last month. Moved by John Sankey, seconded by Shelley Parlow, carried.

Jim Brown is a former high school principal and a concerned citizen: The HCCO should have organized an All Candidates Meeting as a key element of the Municipal Elections.

Fred McLennan: We are an all-volunteer organization but we will endeavor to organize one for the next municipal elections.

Motion: To congratulate Maria McRae on her re-election as Councillor. Moved by Shelley Parlow, seconded by Peter Brimacombe, carried.

Pat Murphy tabled Maria McRae’s Report.

John Sankey: Wants to improve the efficiency of the bus service by eliminating unnecessary bus stops. Specifically he has reviewed the bus stops on Uplands Avenue. John Sankey and Peter Brimacombe met with the Board of Directors of the Coady Co-op where John presented his recommendation to amalgamate two bus stops into one. John and Peter were well received and the Board of the Coady Co-op will follow up with its meeting in January.

Gillian Villeneuve lives on Uplands Drive and is upset that the City moved the bus stop in front of her house.

Shelley Parlow: is concerned about the cost of moving facilities and the impacts on Coady residents.

Alan Asselstine: O/C Transpo has to be more efficient. The elimination of one third of all bus stops represents an enormous gain in efficiency. We cannot hold up rules for the community as a whole unless we are willing to apply them to ourselves.

Fred McLennan: The bus stop issue will be tabled for further investigation until January or February next year.

Next meeting: Monday January 8 at 19:30