Meetings & Documents

December 5, 2005

Annual General Meeting
December 5, 2005


  • Fred MacLennan, President
  • Alan Asselstine, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Shelley Parlow, Director
  • Tom Murray, Ottawa Police
  • Mark Cartwright, Ottawa Police
  • Gary Meehan, Ottawa Police
  • Lenworth Vaz, Ottawa Police
  • John Sankey
  • Pat Murphy, City councillor’s office
  • Tom Collins, The News

Motion: To accept the Treasurer’s Report, moved by Peter Brimacombe, seconded by Shelley Parlow. carried.

Maria McRae introduced the four police officers and thanked them for their positive contribution to our community.

Inspector Meehan spoke about the work of the Ottawa Police in our community. East Division is respon-sible for Hunt Club, there are many different kinds of police officers: investigators, traffic officers, case officers, and crime analysts. The police analyse crime by type: assaults, break and enters, robberies, sexual offences and stolen vehicles. The Integrated Road Safety Program was launched to reduce collisions and to raise public awareness of road safety issues. In December the campaign will target impaired driving and speeding. There were problems on Vanhurst during the summer and the community supported the police by calling them. The police have actively patrolled Cahill Park to keep out undesirables.

Maria McRae thanked the police for their prompt attention to Vanhurst and for their work in Cahill Park. The police have “returned a sense of normalcy” to these neighbourhoods.

Sergeant Tom Murray spoke about traffic enforcement. Traffic accidents are most frequent at Riverside and Hunt Club and Riverside and Heron. There are three factors to consider when looking at traffic: en-forcement, engineering and education. The police handed out 311 traffic tickets for offences on the Airport Parkway – the police want to reduce accidents on the Airport Parkway.

Constable Mark Cartwright worked to reduce undesirables at the A & P Plaza. He met with Anna Hailey who represents Rio Can who owns the Plaza. Rio Can will put up signs against trespassers and the police will enforce the trespass laws.

Maria McRae presented her Report.

Alan Asselstine: We need a pedestrian bridge over the Airport Parkway to get to South Keys and the O Train. He presented the Treasurer’s Report.

The following were nominated as directors:

  • Fred McLennan:President
  • Alan Asselstine: Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe: Secretary
  • John Sankey
  • Fred Winters
  • Art Miskew
  • Gisèle Loiselle-Branch
  • Shelley Parlow

Fred McLennan: Peter Vasdi asked for $100 to keep up the web site at Carleton Freenet Web Service. John Sankey said that he would ask about a cheaper rate.

Next meeting: Mon 9 Jan 2006 at 7:30pm