Meetings & Documents

February 1, 2016

Monthly Meeting
February 1, 2016


  • Christine Johnson, President
  • Sue McCarthy, Vice President
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Marilyn Koch, Director
  • Fred McLennan, Director
  • Piero Narducci, Director
  • Ijeoma Udechukwu, Director
  • Brian Wade, Director
  • Wynnie Zhao, Director
  • Riley Brockington, Councillor
  • Dave Armitage
  • Kim Graveline
  • Al Gullon
  • Dan Kaplansky
  • Glenn MacCrimmon
  • Chessy Nguyen

Christine Johnson: Our former president John Sankey has just had heart surgery. The operation was a success. The HCCO sent flowers. His son is staying with him and reports that he is in good spirits.

Christine Johnson: Asked for approval of the agenda.
Dave Armitage: Asked to speak on Otto’s expansion plan.

Motion: To approve the January 2016 minutes with the addition of Christine Johnson’s suggestion for a name change for our HCCO. Moved by Sue McCarthy, seconded by Fred McLennan, carried.

Christine Johnson: She welcomed Kim Graveline and Chessy Nguyen from Carleton University. She explained that the HCCO is a community within River Ward and described its boundaries.

Vanessa Sutton was our education director but has accepted a full time position. One of her new duties is to attend meetings which take place at night on the first Monday of the month. Since this conflicts with our regular board meetings she no longer will be able to be on our board.
Peter Brimacombe: He would like to thank Vanessa Sutton for her work in organizing the education sessions which took place immediately before our board meetings.

Al Gullon: He would like a copy of January’s minutes.

Christine Johnson: Peter Foulger, the Treasurer sends his regrets.

Refugee Family:
Sue McCarthy: She, Christine Johnson and Ijeoma Udechukwu are in a group called the Syrian Action Fund. They have decided to concentrate on fund raising because they don’t have the resources to be a sponsoring organization. There are a number of government sponsored refugee families living on Equus Way. They don’t have an organized group to help them and need volunteer groups to help them. Her group is holding a fund raiser: the Shawarma Showdown will be held on Saturday March 19 at the Hunt Club/Riverside Community Centre. Boom Radio will be there and Councillor Brockington will be one of the official judges.
Al Gullon: How are school aged children from refugee families being assimilated?
Sue McCarthy: One of the ways is they are enrolled in our regular schools. Refugee613 is an Ottawa organization dedicated to helping the refugee families settle in Ottawa.
Ijeoma Udechukwu: The South East Ottawa Community Health Centre is currently helping 2 refugee families. Government sponsored refugee families have many problems. They are living in hotels because there is no other accommodation available. Many have children with health issues. Generally families with a sponsoring organization are better off than government sponsored families.

NCC – The Plan for Canada’s Capital:
Christine Johnson: The NCC is preparing a plan for Canada’s Bicentennial in 2067 and invites people to share their vision.

Otto’s BMW Expansion Plan:
David Armitage: Otto’s BMW has resubmitted its plan to expand its dealership on Hunt Club Road. Otto’s has hired project managers to develop the plan. They presented the new plan at a public meeting at the Community Centre. The new plan eliminates the added driveway off Hunt Club and the extra lane on Hunt Club. Neighbours had criticized the intense lighting. The new plan addresses this concern by having LED lights that are more focused. Windows overlooking the neighbours are to be frosted but the roof terrace was kept.

Councillor’s Report
Riley Brockington presented the Councillor’s Report.
Airport Parkway Pedestrian Bridge Audit: The Councillor is working closely with OC Transpo and the Ottawa Police to ensure the safety of the bridge and the pathways around it.
Airport Parkway Widening: Because of lack of funds, the widening has been deferred but the Environmental Assessment is going ahead. There is a public meeting March 10 at the Jim Durrell Recreation Centre:
Park Landry Park: The Councillor was able to secure $300,000 for two parks in River Ward. Half of this money is for Paul Landry Park. A design for the Park has been selected. This design takes into account extensive community involvement and staff input.
Otto’s BMW: The site plan for expansion is set to be finalized. Otto’s BMW is in River Ward but the residential neighbourhood to the immediate south is in Gloucester-Southgate Ward where Diane Deans is the Councillor. Councillor Brockington has suggested to her to change the name of the section of Paul Anka Drive south of Hunt Club to Dean Martin Crescent.
McCarthy Road Curve: This section of road is the most dangerous. Sometimes north-bound cars slide off the road onto the sidewalk to the east.

Motion: That the president draft a letter to the City of Ottawa to consider more effective safety measures. Moved by Dan Kaplansky, seconded by Piero Narducci, carried.

River Ward Movie Nights: The Councillor is sponsoring 3 movie nights. April 2 is movie night at the Hunt Club/Riverside Park Community Centre. Movies are geared for young children. Admission is free.
River Ward Earth Day: Saturday April 23 is Earth Day. There is an event at McCarthy Woods.
Taxi Bylaw Review: How does the City address Uber and other similar companies?

Sue McCarthy: She is gathering articles for the March issue.
Christine Johnson: She is looking for people to distribute the Newsletter on Bankview, Pattermead and Bartlett.
Wynnie Zhao: She could do them.

Paul Landry Park:
Christine Johnson: There have been extensive consultations with the people around the Park. They have accepted the City’s plan to improve it. She passed around a document describing the plan and a set of drawings showing different play structures.

Community Garden:
Brian Wade: There is a core group of volunteers who look to start a community garden in Cahill Park this spring. They have chosen “My Backyard” as the name of the garden. Riverside Park is the community association just north of Hunt Club. It is supporting them too. They will submit an application for funding to Just Food by February 22. The application will show the water source and a sketch of the plots and paths.

Motion: That the president write a letter in support of the initiative. Moved by Brian Wade, seconded by Piero Narducci, carried.

Motion: That the HCCO create a sub account to handle financial transactions for the “My Backyard” community garden. Moved by Brian Wade, seconded by Piero Narducci, carried.

Fred McLennan: Will there be a fee for a plot?
Dave Armitage: There is a privately run community garden off Bowesville Road. Fees are by the month.

Odds and Ends:
Sue McCarthy: There is a Walkathon to support hungy and homeless Canadians. The walk will take place at 17:00 on Saturday, February 20th. The goal is to raise $500.
Sue McCarthy: There is a Performance Night at the Community Centre, Monday February 22. This is an opportunity for anybody to play an instrument or sing. The performers are charged $2 per act. Hopefully we can have a Performance Night every month.

Next meeting: Monday March 7 at 19:00