Meetings & Documents

January 8, 2018

Monthly Meeting
January 8, 2018


  • Brian Wade, President
  • Sue McCarthy, Vice President
  • Peter Foulger, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Christine Johnson, Past President
  • Marilyn Koch
  • Kristy Nystrom
  • John Sankey
  • Ijeoma Udechukwu
  • Riley Brockington, Councillor
  • Dale Alexander
  • Carlos Carrero
  • Al Gullon
  • Dora Joseph
  • Brent Scollie
  • Barb Shea
  • Barry Silverman
  • Patrick Uguccioni

Motion: To accept the agenda. Moved by John Sankey, seconded by Sue McCarthy, carried.

Motion: To approve the December, 2017 minutes. Moved by Christine Johnson, seconded by Brent Scollie, carried.

Treasurer’s Report
Peter Foulger: Presented the Treasurer’s Reports for November and December. They are presented as appendices A and B at the end of the minutes.

Motion: To approve the Treasurer’s Reports for November 2017 and December 2018 including payments of $451.38 to Christine Johnson for the cost of printing the newsletter and $47.00 plus tax for 50 cheques from Alterna. Donations received for the Fireworks Gala should be given to the City. Moved by Peter Foulger, seconded by Sue McCarthy, carried.

Community Newspaper
Sue McCarthy: In the wake of Ottawa South News and other community papers shutting down, another group led by Mike Wollock are creating a new community newspaper. Mike Wollock published the Hunt-Club Riverside news until he sold it to Metroland media 14 years ago. He has sent Patrick Uguccioni and Barry Silverman to update us on this undertaking.
Patrick Uguccioni: Credit goes to Mike Wollock, the publisher for starting the paper – The Hunt Club/Riverside Community Voice. It will be published bi-weekly and delivered by Canada Post. They are planning to have the first issue out as soon as February 15. He is the editor and Barry Silverman is the Sales Manager. Phone number is 613-458-6423.

Brian Wade: Reported that we are at 65 registered members. He thanked Riley Brockington as six members were a result of councillor’s newsletter that included a small registration form for the various community associations in River Ward.

Proposed Development on Hunt Club Road
Peter Brimacombe: Claridge Homes has submitted an application to the City for development on 1026 to 1054 Hunt Club Road. It proposes to build an 8 story retirement home and an 8 story hotel. The Councillor hosted an information session
There is no proper access from the proposed development unto Hunt Club Road – no matter how you look at it, vehicle access both unto and off Hunt Club Road is unsafe. Planning Committee will meet January 23 to discuss this proposal. He and John Sankey wrote a paper where they said that traffic on Hunt Club Road will be negatively impacted and so will the whole City. The best strategy is to emphasize the interest of the whole City in the presentation to Planning Committee.
Carlos Carrero: Traffic on Hunt Club is bad and getting worse.
Barb Shea: She lives on Bartlett Private right across from the proposed development. There are 25 homes on Bartlett Private and several people have already written to the City to express their opposition. She met with Councillor Brockington to discuss this issue and she would like to thank him for his patience. She expects that the HCCO would appear before the Planning Committee, opposing the development.
John Sankey: Hunt Club Road is crucial part of the transportation network. It’s the only road that allows vehicles to bypass the City.

Councillor’s Report
Riley Brockington presented the Councillor’s Report.
The Fireworks Gala was held at the Community Centre, December 29. He would like to thank the HCCO members who attended and the ones who volunteered to help. There was a real spirit of community.
The mural Canadian Pride, Harmony in Cultures created by artist Claudia Salguera has been mounted on the Community Centre. The official unveiling will be this Saturday January 13 at 13:00.
There will be a free family movie night Saturday, January 13 at 18:00 at the Alexander Community Centre, 960 Silver Street. The movie is Kung Fu Panda 3.
He has found $1.9 million to resurface the Airport Parkway between Brookfield and Hunt Club.
The new play structure in Paul Landry Park will be ready in the spring.
The Mooney’s Bay Pavillion: Riley secured funding in the 2018 budget to ensure a needs assessment review is undertaken. It has come to the end of its lifecycle and various options on what to do, from status quo to renovation to complete teardown and rebuild will be considered.
He sent out a newsletter with coupons for membership in the community associations in his ward. Did anyone present the coupons for membership in the HCCO?
Brian Wade: Six people. Thank you very much.
Proposed Development on Hunt Club Road will come before Planning Committee January 23. He’s a member. There are three issues
traffic, there’s a solid median, traffic cannot cross, entrance and exit will require U-turns. The points of the U-turns are called book-ends – they’re at McCarthy/Downpatrick and Dazé. Staff said that a median break is not required – it’s not worth it.
Retention of mature trees. This is a problem. Construction may lower the water table and they may die.
Height and density. The original proposal is an 8 story retirement home and an 8 story hotel. Claridge has agreed to a minor reduction in height.
The presentation January 23 has to sway Planning Committee. You should talk about Hunt Club at capacity, Hunt Club/Riverside has the most accidents in the City, the amount of traffic from the development is insignificant, there are many places along Hunt Club which if developed would be the same problem. The entire network is at capacity.

Motion: Representatives from the HCCO will write a letter and appear before Planning Committee. Moved by Christine Johnson, seconded by Brent Scollie, carried.

Brent Scollie: The City has a project Bank Street Redevelopment, Billings Bridge to Kitchener. Where is it?
Riley Brockington: He will get an update.

Traffic Safety
Al Gullon: He is the author of 12 papers on traffic safety. The latest paper was presented in Belgrade, Serbia in April 2015. The biggest single factor in causing accidents was the Absent Minded Professor Syndrome (AMPS). Posted speed limits had a negative effect on traffic safety. Shared Spaces is an urban design approach that emphasizes that the road is shared and everybody must behave in a way that respects other users – motorists must give way to pedestrians and bicyclists because they are bigger and stronger:
Christine Johnson: You should submit an article to Patrick Uguccioni to put in his new newspaper.
Brian Wade: Asked Al for his input in completing Ecology Ottawa’s Active Transportation survey regarding bicycles and walking.

Lifetime Memberships
Brian Wade: An amendment to the constitution was passed during the 2017 Annual General Meeting which states that members who have served on the Hunt Club Community Organization’s board of directors for 10 or more years would be named honorary lifetime members.

Motion: The following individuals be awarded honorary lifetime memberships at the next HCCO meeting on Monday February 5, 2018. Moved by Brian Wade, seconded by Sue McCarthy, carried.
Alan Asselstine, Gerry Beausoleil, Peter Brimacombe, Peter Foulger, Gisèle Loiselle-Branch, Fred McLennan, Art Miskew, John Sankey, Nancy Seaby.

Future Projects and Events
Brian Wade: He invited everyone to share their ideas and concerns about what projects and events HCCO should focus on during this year.
Sue McCarthy: Partnerships are important. We should be partnering with other organizations. We have had success with the South East Ottawa Community Health Centre, Riverside Park Community Association and with Riley Brockington.
Ijeoma Udechukwu: We could give workshop and seminars. Suicide prevention and other things of interest to the community should be topics. She also noted the Bookmobile on Bank Street near Giant Tiger has asked for copies of our newsletter. She will drop them off.
John Sankey: There are two elections this year. One provincial and one municipal. In the past we’ve had all-candidates meetings. They were well attended.
Riley Brockington: All-candidates meetings can have two formats. One is a formal debate and the other is an open house. You can partner with other groups.
Carlos Carrero: Ottawa Public Library does seminars. We could partner with them.
Christine Johnson: There should be a social dynamic. There could be food and games. There should be something when we open the community garden.
Brian Wade: There are two projects ongoing that we should continue to focus on – the community garden right beside his condominium in Cahill Park and the Paul Landry Park Clean Up.

Motion: To create a working group to develop a communications strategy, including policy and procedures, encompassing all communication platforms: Newsletter, Website and Social Media. Moved by Sue McCarthy, seconded by Barb Shea, carried.
John Sankey, Brian Wade, Sue McCarthy, Kristy Nystrom expressed interest in being part of this working group.

Christine Johnson: Presented members with free T-shirts: Volunteer, HCCO.

Next meeting: Monday February 5 at 19:00

Appendix A Treasurer's Report for November 2017

Sponsorships were received from C Kroeger, McEvoy-Shields, C King, City of Ottawa, Rimalou Drugs and CP Desjardins. Thirteen memberships were received. Account interest of $0.70 for Nov was credited by Alterna. 
There were no payments. 

A donation from the Cement Association for the Fireworks Gala was received.. 
Hunt Club Refugee Fund $ 1,059.69 
Garden Fund $ 1,500.00 
Harmony in Cultures Fund $ 500.00 
Art Club Fund $ 5.30 
Mural Project $ 69.00 
Fireworks Gala $ 500.00 
Balance Sub-accounts $ 3,633.99 

Members Surplus 
Balance as of 1 August 2017 $ 4,814.01 
Year to date expenses, HCCO $ 673.48 
Year to date receipts, HCCO $ 1,452.80 
Increase/(decrease) for year, HCCO $ 778.62 
Members surplus, HCCO $ 5,593.33 

Total funds (Members surplus + funds) $ 9,227.32 

Cash not deposited $ 0.00 
Alterna share, HCCO $ 15.00 
Alterna Account, HCCO & funds $ 9,212.32 
Alterna Term Deposit HCCO, $ 0.00 
Total all funds $ 9,227.32 Gullon

Receivables & Liabilities: 
Request: Approval of payment to C Johnson of $451.38 to reimburse her for the Pro Printers invoice for the Dec newsletter. 
Request: Approval to order 50 new cheques from Alterna at a cost of $47 plus tax. 
We are owed $100 for the Sept news. 

Appendix B Treasurer's Report for December 2017

Twelve memberships were received in cash and deposited . Account interest of $0.76 for December was credited by Alterna. ProPrinters invoice of $451.38 for printing the Dec HCMC was paid. D Nahal was reimbursed $16.46 for Do Not Litter signs for Paul Landry Park. 

Art Club cash receipts of $131.00 were received from D Nahal and deposited. 

Hunt Club Refugee Fund $ 1,059.69 
Garden Fund $ 1,500.00 
Harmony in Cultures Fund $ 500.00 
Art Club Fund $ 136.30 
Mural Project $ 69.00 
Fireworks Gala $ 500.00 
Balance Sub-accounts $ 3,764.99 

Members Surplus 
Balance as of 1 August 2017 $ 4,814.01 
Year to date expenses, HCCO $ 1,141.32 
Year to date receipts, HCCO $ 1,573.56 
Increase/(decrease) for year, HCCO $ 432.24 
Members surplus, HCCO $ 5,246.25 

Total funds (Members surplus + funds) $ 9,011.24 

Cash not deposited $ 0.00 
Alterna share, HCCO $ 15.00 
Alterna Account, HCCO & funds $ 8,996.24 
Alterna Term Deposit HCCO, $ 0.00 
Total all funds $ 9,011.24 

Receivables & Liabilities: 
We are owed $100 for the Sept news.