Meetings & Documents

June 1, 2009

Monthly Meeting
June 1, 2009


  • John Sankey President
  • Peter Brimacombe Secretary
  • Jerry Beausoleil
  • Fred McLennan
  • Liz Russell
  • Nichole Hoover Councillor’s Office
  • Rachel Rowe Councillors’s Office
  • Tim Koradi
  • Cherylin Perkins
  • Wade Wallace

Motion: To accept the April 2009 minutes. Moved by Jerry Beausoleil, seconded by John Sankey, carried.

Rachel Rowe: Presented the Councillor’s report. The Integrated Road Safety Program lead to a discussion about speeding tickets.
John Sankey: It used to be that the Province got the revenue from the speeding tickets, but now the City gets most of it and is passing it on directly to the police. Our police are spending too much time collecting speeding tickets rather than solving crimes.
Nichole Hoover: Council has passed a motion asking that the Province allow municipalities to assess speeding fines based on photo-radar.

Wade Wallace: He introduced Cherylin Perkins, Tim Koradi and himself. They have just moved to the Gilboa Apartments on Uplands Drive near Paul Anka Drive. They have been harassed by gangs – there have been swarmings and beatings in front of their houses.
Nichole Hoover: We had a community safety meeting two weeks ago at the Jim Durrell Centre.
Wade Wallace: We are looking for community recognition that gangs are a problem and for support in opposing them. His group wants to canvass the neighbourhood, knock on doors and set up a system of patrols.
John Sankey: You should set up a Neighbourhood Watch Program – it gives you official status and links to the police.
Everyone on the Board supported the group from the Gilboa Apartments.

John Sankey: Traffic lights are going in on Hunt Club Road, 220 metres to the east of Riverside Drive.
Motion: In view of the fact that no new traffic lights were described as part of the proposed zoning of 300 Hunt Club, that the proposed traffic lights on Hunt Club Road just east of Riverside Drive be disallowed because of the major disruption of traffic on Hunt Club. Moved by Peter Brimacombe, seconded by Liz Russell, carried.

John Sankey: Councillor Alex Cullen wants to eliminate election contributions from unions and corporations.

Liz Russell: Thanks to the IBM volunteers for their help with the pickup at Paul Landry Park on May 15, 2009. Thanks to John Sankey for his help with the pickup on McCarthy Road on May 9, 2009 and at Paul Landry Park on May 16 2009. Also thanks to P. McCann (City employee) for all his support with city clean-up projects and his assistance with my street and park adoptions. I have called the City again regarding the fencing along McCarthy Road. I have spoken to the City regarding ownership of Paul Landry Park and McCarthy Woods and the need for waste receptacles at Paul Landry Park and McCarthy Road. I have spoken with Linda Debois, President of the Shearwater Tenant Association regarding the need for a more proactive approach to maintaining Paul Landry Park, that is regular clean-ups May, June, July and September and also the possibility that the Tenant Association and IBM adopt Paul Landry Park.

Next meeting: Monday, September 14 at 19:30