Meetings & Documents

March 3, 1997

Monthly Meeting
March 3, 1997


  • Fred McLennan, President
  • Ken Donnelley, Community Development
  • Bill Royds
  • Ann Brandel, SOGRAT
  • Nancy Seabe, Community Development
  • Wendy Steward, RMOC councillor
  • Karin Howard, City Ward OT8 councillor
  • Gisèle Loiselle-Branch


l. WENDY STEWART reported:

– 80 km. dangerous for bicyclists

– most of us present agree to leave at 70 km/hr.

4. McCarthy woods has priority, the problem is the adjacent land to McCarthy woods.

5. South Keys

  • – Last Tuesday was the last meeting on issues.
  • – Mayor’s son is the agent for South Key development (conflict)
  • – Karen might get in writing so that she can bring conflict of interest to council.
  • – Cahill resdients were promised no road extension for 20 years or at least until South Key mall was totally developed.
  • – Karen voiced that she was the only one to vote against because of promise of Johnson road was not kept.
  • – Cash was offered in lieu of green space – 2% of cost for parkland is the law.

7. Mega Week will be announced soon in papers.

8. Rabies Vaccination – Owners will have to prove whenever kids get bitten, scratched or scared.

9. Governance in Ottawa/Carleton

  • – 2 elections will be needed
  • – Hopefully next 6 months will have solutions.
  • – Federal gov’t will dissolve itself
  • – Municipal councillors have to agree before Dec.’97
  • – In general there is one vote per taxpayer, how will they accomplish that and from border to border starting with urban areas. Note that regional family helps thos farmland areas.
  • – Karen mentioned that she will not give her ideas until she hears from voters.
  • – There will be an election of delegates in Fall ’97.
  • – Regional and city council have been doing so well in the past 2 yrs.
  • – Karen said that it’s because many changes were because the council is from younger generation.

Town Hall

  • – Will have to come up with a process real soon.
  • – Waiting on feedback from group before 12th to be able to build consensus.
  • – Karen is inviting Wendy Friday at noon, at the regional office.


  • – Will the money they save be re-implemented in new services?
  • – Large hospitals are more cost/efficient

3750 Bowesville Road – cash was offered in lieu of Parking application…..