Meetings & Documents

March 3, 2014

Monthly Meeting
March 3, 2014


  • John Sankey President
  • Peter Foulger Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe Secretary
  • Steve Long
  • Issie Berish
  • Marilyn Koch
  • Sylva Baroody
  • Maria McRae Councillor
  • Kamal Ubhi Councillor’s Assistant
  • Bernie Geiger
  • Al Gullon
  • Murray Manley
  • Marc Rivard
  • Lynda Pedley
  • Iga Dzikiewicz
  • Richard Lawrence

John Sankey invited people to join the HCCO. He presented the agenda and asked for approval.

Motion: To approve the February 2014 minutes. Moved by Bernie Geiger, seconded by Al Gullon, carried.

DND Lands
The property is a narrow strip of land north of Hunt Club Road between the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club to the west and the backyards of the individual homeowners on Paul Anka Drive to the east. Hunt Club Creek runs down one side of the strip of land.
Richard Lawrence: Sale of the property could take several years. The Canada Land Corporation is in charge of the sale. The Golf Course is interested, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority is too but it would need donations to take it on and the City of Ottawa is not.
John Sankey: Richard will keep an eye on this issue.

Bus Routes
Bernie Geiger: The 146 bus doesn’t come as often. It used to come every 10 minutes but now it’s only every 15 minutes during rush hour.
Marilyn Koch: Are there any buses in our community coming more often?
John Sankey: No. The 87 goes right by his house.

Councillor’s Report
Maria McRae: Presented the Councillor’s Report. She had asked for a Third-Party Independent Review of the pedestrian bridge over the Airport Parkway. The Review is now complete and she has meet with the Mayor, the City Manager and the City Solicitor. She thanked John Sankey for his advice and professional manner.
Murray Manley: What percentage of City vehicles are green?
Maria McRae: She doesn’t know the exact percentages but there are hybrid-electric buses, and electric Zambonis. The Parking Enforcement cars are hybrid- electric. Conversion to hybrid vehicles is done in the context of vehicle life-cycle.
John Sankey: There is a page on his website that shows how to calculate your carbon dioxide budget.
Al Gullon: Within the automotive industry it is common practice to measure pollution and energy consumption of vehicles from the well to the wheel (well-2-wheel).  For example the fuel consumption and pollution of an all-electric vehicle is not zero but would include the fuel consumed and pollution created both in the production of the fuel and in the generation and delivery of the electricity.
Al Gullon: In the report, composting is now 51.9% of the total. How is the total calculated?
Maria McRae: The figures are for 2013. The percentage is based on tonnages of which the City has a very accurate count.
Al Gullon: Speed boards are devices set up on roads that measure and display the speed of vehicles passing by. He thought that the speed board on McCarthy Road should be in the other direction.
Steve Long: Speeding on Hunt Club Road is a problem. He was going 80 kph and noticed a lot of cars passing him.
Lynda Pedley: She would like a speed board on Paul Anka Drive.
Maria McRae: She thinks that is a good idea. There will be a miniature traffic study on Paul Anka Drive.
Issie Berish: Councillor Wilkinson talks about the traffic counts at the intersection of Hunt Club and Prince of Wales. Why cannot we get traffic counts along Hunt Club?
Maria McRae: City staff told her the counts are not available. She will ask for new counts to be done and make them available to the HCCO.

Treasurer’s Report
Peter Foulger: Presented the Treasurer’s Report.

John Sankey: The March issue is ready to go.

Emergency Measures
Murray Manley: Does the City of Ottawa have an emergency measures plan? He is concerned about a catastrophe such as an earth quake. During the Ice Storm of 1998 he lived in the country and was without power for 14 days.
John Sankey: Ottawa has a large number of very small earth quakes but it’s very unlikely to have a big one. His bigger concern is our vulnerability to a failure in our electrical system. A major point of failure are the electrical sub-stations.
Bernie Geiger: He referred to the City of Ottawa’s Office of Emergency Management.

Next meeting: Monday April 7 at 19:00