Meetings & Documents

May 28, 1979

Monthly Meeting
May 28, 1979


  • M. Weisman
  • J. Gushing
  • D. Rowat
  • R. Green
  • T. Denison
  • M. Gelston
  • E. Steubing
  • F. McLennan
  • E. Lablanc
  • D. Labelle
  • A. Mountain, Chair.

Business Arising: The Chairman explained that the Recreation Committee meeting would be held on May 30th, 1979 and that this would be a closed meeting with John Gushing of the City. The meeting was primarily for the Recreation Committee, but other members of the Executive could attend if they were interested.

The Chairman then discussed the need to adopt rules of procedures for our Executive meetings. The procedures are to be kept simple. Primarily, the meeting is to be conducted with questions and answers addressed to the Chairman so that all present may have an opportunity of expressing their views and so it may be recognized that one person at a time has the floor.

The Chairman then commented concerning the meeting with members of the Riverside Park Community Association that was to take place later. Areas of common interest such as rapid transit, the development of the district park, a joint newspaper, and other such matters of joint interest were seen as the common ground for our two associations.

Treasurer John Gushing advised that the Association took in $460.00 in tennis registrations and that we owe $320.00 for tennis instruction. Therefore, we net $140.00 on tennis registration. John also informed us that we. took in $128.00 for membership at the All-Candidates meeting held on the 14th of May at Holy Family School. We paid for miscellaneous supplies and bills of approximately $10.00 and we have a current balance of $422.34 in our bank account. There are no outstanding bills.

The Chairman pointed out that he had sent in the documentation to incorporate our association and he personally had sent a cheque to the Ministry and will be looking for reimbursement.

Transportation: The Transportation Committee has not had a meeting, but the members of this committee have arranged to meet on Monday, June 4, 1979. It appears the principal concerns for the committee to date are the need for regulation of traffic speed on McCarthy Road and some form of pedestrian crossings at the Paul Anka and Cahill intersections with McCarthy Road. It was also suggested that the Committee look into the possibility of having the City regulate, truck traffic through our residential .areas at certain times. Satisfaction was expressed that the sidewalk along McCarthy Road between Riverside Park and our Community is now under construction. There was also a question concerning the location of bus stops close to one another. Dave Rowat indicated that he had now written concerning motor bikes on the N.C.C. lands, but this problem was discussed. Apparently there is some difficulty with teenagers riding trail bikes on the N.C.C. lands, but there is some confusion as to who should police it or how it should be controlled. A suggestion was made that signs might be installed. The Transportation Committee will investigate this.

Membership: F. McLennan reports that there are now 100 paid up members in the association. There was a membership booth at the All-Candidates meeting and there will be booths at the fun fair on June 2nd, 1979 at R. Byrnscurry school. There was a discussion of the disbribution of leaflets to disseminate information on the membership drive. F. McLennan and D. Labelle will co-ordinate this.

Recreation: Linda Hockey reported that the Recreation Committee has been quite active. The tennis instruction is proceeding well and we have a good instructor starting classes this evening. Linda indicated that the Hunt Club Community Association was asked to run races at the fun fair. She indicated that we will be giving prizes of ten silver dollars to the winners as well as ribbons.

C.M.H.C. Summer Students M. Gelston and T. Denison reported that they had met with summer students who are working for C.M.H.C. These students are in the planning discipline and C.M.H.C. is using them to make studies of recreation in various areas across the Province and to assist community groups such as ours. T. Denison reported that C.M.H.C. is to provide him with a series of publications and materials to assist us in our recreation planning and that he will circulate these as soon as they are received.

The meeting then adjourned for coffee.

At 8:30 p.m. the meeting resumed with members of the Riverside Park South Community Association. Following a welcome by the Chairman there was a discussion on areas of joint interest. In particular, plans for development of the district park, the impact of the new exhibition site, the impact of rapid transit and then there was a lively discussion of the possibility of having a joint newsletter. Various methods of circulating community information were discussed including leaflets and also the possibility of starting a tabloid type newspaper with commercial advertising to fund it. Various members of the Executive agreed to follow-up the possibility of a tabloid type newspaper. T. Denison suggested that the merchants in the Hunt Club Centre shopping centre could be persuaded to put community information on leaflets that they are intending to circulate on a quarterly basis. D. Labelle suggested that it would be best to have a community newspaper which was distributed at least once every two months and there was general agreement on this. There was also a consensus however that such a project would have to start slowly and built up.

Letterhead: R. Green presented a design for a logo for our letterhead. Following a discussion and a show of hands it was agreed that the letterhead as presented by R. Green would be accepted provided that R. Green would reduce the size of the graphic showing houses across the bottom of the page and that they would be spaced slightly differently.

HCCO letterhead
Minutes: The minutes from the previous meeting were distributed and adopted, moved by John Gushing and seconded by D. Labelle.

Operation Identification: M. Weisman suggested that we contact the Ottawa Police concerning operation identification. R. Green indicated that the police information wagon was coming to this area on Thursday and Don Labelle suggested that they be contacted to come during the fun fair on Saturday, June 2, 1979.

Major Activities Centre: D. Labelle requested the Chair to provide information concerning a letter sent on behalf of the Association concerning the Major Activities Centre. T. Denison indicated he had prepared and sent a letter to the Ontario Municipal Board reiterating our Association’s continuing support for the South Keys proposed site as opposed to the Blossom Park site in Gloucester Township. T. Denison indicated that our association had always supported the South Keys site, that the various planning concerns such as traffic impact and noise and proximity to rapid transit and transportation routes indicated that the South Keys site was a better site. He also indicated that the various municipal facilities were somewhat dependent on the success of the designation of the site as a regional shopping centre. A question was asked concerning the extension of Cahill Drive across the Airport Parkway and the Chairman indicated that he had been informed that the extension would not proceed as it was not financially feasible and as it really did not lead anywhere. A copy of the letter prepared by T. Denison and signed by T. Denison, M. Gelston, L. Hockey and M. Wiseman was filed with the secretary.

Adjournment: It was moved by E. Steubing and seconded by Don Labelle that the meeting adjourn and the Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.