Meetings & Documents

November 2, 1998

Monthly Meeting
November 2, 1998


  • Art Miskew, Vice-President
  • Alan Asselstine, Treasurer
  • Nancy Seaby, Director (transit)
  • Gisèle Loiselle-Branch, Director (representing Sequoia Coop and Twyford-Cahill area)
  • Shelley Parlow, Director (representing the Hunt Club Corridor Protection Association)
  • Peter Brimacombe, (Resident, Western Community)
  • Kathy Ablett, (Resident, Hunt Club Estates)
  • Francis Tanner, (potential alderman candidate))
  • Wendy Stewart, RMOC councillor
  • Jan Duncan, The News


Motion by Alan Asselstine to to advertise the HCCO annual general meeting on 7 Dec. Seconded by Nancy Seaby; voted; passed.


The following summarizes the issues discussed at the 2 Nov 98 meeting of the Hunt Club Community Organization (HCCO) at the Hunt Club Riverside Community Centre (HCRCC).

Regional Councillor, Wendy Stewart, submitted a report on the following:

  • Update – Elevated Water Tank Replacement
  • Update – Walkley Road Truck Route Status
  • Truck Noise on Hunt Club Road
  • Land Trusts in RMOC
  • Plant for Tomorrow Program
  • OC Transpo
  • Studies Released on Trail Road and Nepean Landfill Sites
  • Economic Development
  • Outstanding Planning Award for 1997 RMOC Official Plan
  • New Fish Discovered in the Rideau River

City councillor, Karin Howard, submitted a newsletter reporting on the following:

  • 1999 Budget
  • Tax Arrears
  • Riverside Park Neighbourhood Plan
  • Hunt Club Neighborhood Plan
  • NOSS Study
  • Brookfield/Flannery Drive Intersection
  • Mooney’s Bay Redevelopment
  • Local Governance
  • Lebanese Festival and H.O.P.E. Voleyball Tournament
  • McCarthy Road Sidewalks
  • Intended Resignation

Next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting, to be held Mon 7 Dec 1998 at 7:30pm