Meetings & Documents

September 12, 2011

Monthly Meeting
September 12, 2011


  • John Sankey President
  • Alan Asselstine Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe Secretary
  • Fred McLennan
  • Peter Foulger
  • Gisèle Loiselle-Branch
  • Liz Russell
  • Maria McRae Councillor

Motion: To approve the June, 2011 minutes. Moved by Liz Russell, seconded by Alan Asselstine, carried.

Maria McRae first welcomed everyone to the meeting and said that she is pleased to work with the Hunt Club Community Organization. She then presented her report.

Fred McLennan: When will the bridge over the Airport Parkway be finished?
Maria McRae: The bridge itself will be finished by the end of October, this year but the final landscaping will be finished next spring.

Maria McRae: Now that John Smith is available, she will set up a meeting with the HCCO and City staff to review the situation on Hunt Club Road between the Airport Parkway and Riverside Drive.
Alan Asselstine: The problem goes beyond just that section of Hunt Club Road and should include the intersection with Prince of Wales.
Maria McRae: Yes it does and the review will include the Sheflin Bridge but if it goes past it then she would have to engage the other four councillors. That engagement could pose problems for the study.
John Sankey: It will be good to move forward on this issue.

Gisèle Loiselle-Branch: What is the construction just to the west of the Shoppers Drug Mart on Walkley Road?
Maria McRae: That is the new Mariott Hotel. There will only be the one entrance off Walkley Road. The Hotel is on a strip of land west of Bank Street which will be the subject of a Community Design Plan. The strip runs from the Home Depot to Billings Bridge.

Alan Asselstine: There is almost a complete bike trail all the way from Walkley Road down to Lester. It’s not continuous and some parts are better than others.

Liz Russell: During the winter, a car went off McCarthy Road on the bend south of the railroad tracks. The NCC has just fixed the fence. The City has painted “dragons teeth” on the road but the only thing that works is the electronic sign that shows the drivers speed.
Maria McRae: The fence belongs to the NCC and only it can fix it.

Liz Russell: The firemen were supposed to adopt Paul Landry Park. Have they?
Maria McRae: She assumes they have. She will look into it.

John Sankey: The Mayor has requested citizen and community input to the budgeting process so this gives us a chance to advise him of our concerns related to Hunt Club Road and the Sheflin Bridge.
Alan Asselstine; The Mayor’s attention should complement Maria’s actions in engaging staff to look at the problem.

Motion: To write the Mayor, with a copy to Maria, pointing out the traffic problems on Hunt Club Road related to the Sheflin Bridge and ask that resources be budgeted to study the problems and possible solutions. Moved by Alan Asselstine, seconded by Fred McLennan, carried. John, Alan and Jerry are to draft the letter.

John Sankey: There is a new community Police Officer, Heather Cooper. One of her duties is to co-ordinate the Neighbourhood Watch captains. They are organizing a barbecue. Would the HCCO contribute to the barbecue?

Motion: To spend $50.00 as our contribution to the barbecue. Moved by Alan Asselstine, seconded by John Sankey, carried.

Motion: To start the monthly meetings at 7:00 instead of 7:30 PM. Moved by Alan Asselstine, seconded by Liz Russell, carried.

Liz Russell: She will lead the fall clean up of McCarthy Road: 10:00, Saturday October 17.

Next meeting October 3, 2011 at 19:00