Meetings & Documents

September 13, 2010

Monthly Meeting
September 13, 2010


  • John Sankey, President
  • Alan Asselstine, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Fred McLennan
  • Liz Russell
  • Jerry Beausoleil
  • Nichole Hoover, Assistant to the Councillor

Motion: To approve the June minutes. Moved by Liz Russell, seconded by John Sankey, carried.

John Sankey: The all-candidates debate will take place Monday October 4 at 19:00 at the Hunt Club/Riverside Park Community Centre. Rogers Television will broadcast it. Afterwards there will be a chance to meet the candidates in the south gym. So far, Jim Watson and Clive Doucet have accepted our invitation. The Riverside Park Community & Recreation Association, the Hunt Club Riverside Community Services Centre and the HCCO are hosting the event.

Fred McLennan: Shenkman Corporation has proposed a convention centre off Uplands Drive near Alert. Delcan has written a report analyzing the traffic impact. The impact should be minimal except for Uplands and Alert at peak hours. Klaus Beltzner opposes the convention centre. He wrote a letter asking how many jobs will be created and how much tax revenue there will be.

John Sankey: The site is not a wetland. The parking lot should be paved with permeable paving to reduce runoff. The Airport is not part of the Greenbelt. Present zoning calls for construction of a convention centre as well as a hotel. Shenkman Corporation has applied for a variance whereby it would not have to construct a hotel. John thinks that we should support the variance but be vigilant about the traffic impact.

Peter Brimacombe: What options are available to serve the convention centre with public transit?

Alan Asselstine: Bernie Geiger doesn’t like the idea that the convention centre itself is set so far back from Uplands Drive. He wants the Centre itself located close to Uplands Drive and the parking lot be located behind it in order to make it more accessible to buses.

General discussion: There was a feeling that we should support the variance because it represents needed economic development and does not damage wetlands. There was concern with respect to additional traffic on Riverside Drive and Hunt Club Road.

Jerry Beausoleil: Fred should use the opportunity to stress the severe transportation problems already existing in our area, note that the new development would further stress the traffic problems on major roads including cut-through traffic on neighbourhood roads, and insist that the city come forward with measures to address the existing and additional traffic burden being imposed on our neighbourhood. Jerry was very skeptical of the consultant’s conclusion that the nearly 1000 vehicles/hour during major events would not coincide with the commuter peak hours. The consultant has identified some measures which could be taken and Jerry would like to know what the city is proposing to do to address critical local traffic issues.

Alan Asselstine: He has written to the City on behalf of the HCCO objecting to the rezoning of land south of Hunt Club from R1 to R4. The developer proposes to build a three story, 20 unit apartment building. The standard is to provide 1.2 parking spaces per apartment but the developer proposes to provide only 0.7 space per apartment. The HCCO is objecting to both the rezoning and the reduced parking spaces because they will impede traffic on Hunt Club Road. The HCCO believes that the smooth flow of traffic along Hunt Club Road is a priority and opposes projects which impede the flow and lead to more cut-through traffic.

Councillor Maria McCrae says that she would support an updated transportation study. The newly approved Pedestrian Bridge over the Airport Parkway will be designed to allow expansion of the Airport Parkway.

Nichole Hoover: Reported for Councillor McRae on the following items: seniors programs, new fitness equipment, pedestrian bridge over the Airport Parkway, Genevar, Sawmill Creek Pathway, ribbon cutting ceremony, cycling link between Hunt Club Road and Confederation Station, Rideau Canoe Club Renovation, sidewalk on north side of Hunt Club between Bowes Road and Riverside is almost complete, construction of the sidewalk on the east side of Riverside between Uplands and Hunt Club should start soon, Hunt Club Road will be resurfaced.

Peter Brimacombe: Cars are cutting through the parking lot of Mr. Lube on the north-east corner of Walkley and Bank. The police should ticket the drivers.

Liz Russell: Paul Landry Park is located behind the Metro Plaza between Twyford and Uplands. It is heavily wooded and has been taken over by teen-aged boys. The plan is to open up the pathways and add lighting. Is there anybody that would like to adopt the Park? Adoption would mean taking a regular interest and co-ordinating clean up with the City. Councillor Maria McCrae has been very helpful in addressing problems in the Park: removal of debris and fire pits, adding garbage cans and fixing the fencing at the back of the Quarry Co-op. On Saturday September 18, Liz will lead the clean-up of McCarthy Road. McCarthy Road should be graded so that cars don’t slide off on the corner. She has discussed a possible design project with Carleton University. She got the City to paint over the graffiti on the signal box on the railway. Someone looped a pair of running shoes over the hydro lines to the signal box. The lines belong to Hydro One. There is a half-way house near her house on Plante Drive. Residents have given their concerns to Councillor Maria McCrae. Bartlett Private is located off Pattermeade Crescent at the south end of Plante Drive. Residents cross Hunt Club Road to catch the east-bound buses. Would it be possible to add a pedestrian crosswalk?

General discussion: Liz’s crosswalk request did not receive broad support and it was dropped.

Next meeting: Oct 4 at 19:00