Meetings & Documents

September 17, 1979

Monthly Meeting
September 17, 1979


  • LaBelle
  • Hockey
  • Gelston
  • Green
  • McLennan
  • Rowat
  • Guest J.Gushing – City.

The first part of the meeting was spent on a review of plans for park development with J.Cushing. There was again a strong concensus on McCarthy/Cahill/Uplands priority. There was also a general feeling that we were no further ahead than we were at the May 30th meeting. Why?

There was discussion regarding a hockey/skating ice surface at the Cahill-McCarthy site, but no resolution. Cushing said all park development had been delayed by budget. He was asked to convey to his superiors a growing sense of community impatience.

Regular business : It was agreed that the President should send a letter to confirm the meetings of May 30 and June 18 wherein we reached consensus en the development of site #2, and requesting advice on progress to this committee, and if necessary to an open public meeting. M/S Green,LaBelle.

A.Mountain advised that cost of incorporation had risen to $100 and not $20 as previously noted. Questioned “Is it worth it”. After discussion, there was a motion to amend direction from incorporation to simple registration, which is cheaper. M/S Green/LaBelle.

The President was asked to investigate the question of insurance for the association. The President advised he will be away for the next two months,and a temporary substitute should be named. Motion D.LaBelle act in a temporary capacity in the period M/S McLennan, Cushing

The death of R.Rodger was mentioned, and the President advised having sent a letter of condolence. The need for a substitute was mentioned, and Dr.Craig Sang was suggested. There was some feeling he did not live in the right area for even representation.

Ald. Quinn had asked for help in dealing with the quarry where R.Rodger died. No specific action was undertaken.

LaBelle suggested a specific night for meetings- last Monday of each month to IB tried – next, Oct.29th 7.30 pm at Arbor Green or Holy Family. It was agreed various facilities might be visited.

LaBelle voiced concern about vandalism.Discussion covered role of Block Parents in crime prevention, police action depends on catching in act, Sandbury locks inadequate. Agreed Optn.Identification to be pursued.

LaBelle/Hockey moved adjournment.