Project Details

Maudlin Matilda McEwan Community Garden

This community garden was ‘built’ by a group of passionate HCCA volunteers over the months of June and July past, with a late planting date on July 20 of numerous seeds and already started plants.  We will be looking to harvest cherry tomatoes, Dester and other ‘regular’ tomatoes, radishes, beets, green and yellow beans, carrots, asian spinach, arugula, basil and even cucumbers later on in the fall.  The ‘Maudlin Matilda McEwan Community Garden’ is named in honour of Bishop Williams’ wife’s late mother, who passed away five years ago.  It is located at the back of the Emmanuel Apostolic Church, across from the Fire Station. We are hoping that this garden will be the first of many more in our community, to help address the issue of Food Security and sustainable food sources.

Maudlin Matilda McEwan Community Garden
Emmanuel Apostolic Church
3347 McCarthy Rd.
Ottawa ON