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HCCA Community Outreach

By Kat Gracie

HCCA Community Outreach

Jun 27, 2020 - By Kat Gracie

Recently, I was invited to join the HCCA FaceBook page team as one of the moderators. I was also one of the volunteers answering the GetGrowing! Hunt Club enquiries by email. That’s meant in a very short time frame, I’ve communicated online and in person with numerous neighbours, who were excited and engaged to further build a vibrant healthy community in Hunt Club. We are grateful for the warm reception GetGrowing! received and excited to further develop the friendships and shared opportunities that resulted from the initiative. As we further adjust to pandemic times, local efforts will markedly sustain and improve our quality of life. By making strategic use of online community-building tools to complement periodic in-person COVID-19 mindful events, we can make the most of our local talent and resources for the benefit of all residents.

Some ideas we’d like to hear your thoughts on:

  • Do you have a business you’d like us to promote in the new local listing section on the updated HCCA website?
  • Would you participate in a Hunt Club specific book/tool library?
  • Are there examples or links for programs and initiatives in other communities you like us to explore?
  • Is there a service you’ve previously accessed outside our boundary that you would like to show some local interest for?
  • Would you like to help develop a Welcome Kit for new residents or HCCA members?

If you are interested in being involved and shaping what the next few years could look like here in Hunt Club, please share your thoughts, concerns, hopes, wishes and ideas with our team, email

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