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A Spirit of Determination

By Christine Johnson

A Spirit of Determination

Feb 25, 2021 - By Christine Johnson

Ever marvel at the determination of some people?

Scattered all around the ‘Hunt Club Estates’ (between McCarthy Rd and Uplands Dr, even west of Paul Anka Drive) I continuously find shopping carts from Shoppers Drug Mart and Metro. Most of the time they are found just a few metres from our Hunt Club Centre. They are usually abandoned near Paul Landry Park or at one of the housing complexes next to it.

And yet, every day, there is a woman who lives on my street who heads out, pulling her own two-wheel cart, to walk to the Metro (1.5 kms from her house)  at our Hunt Club Centre, to do her grocery shopping.   She sometimes walks to the bus stop to go to a nearby specialty supermarket.  Whether its minus 20, plus 33, raining, snowing or any other possible weather imaginable, there she goes!  Not once, usually twice daily!  What I marvel at, is that this woman, with her ruddy, healthy complexion, and always smiling,  is closer to ninety years old, than to eighty. Now that’s … determination! A quality deserving of admiration, in my books.

Here she is on our street:



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