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Black History Month
Connect and Engage!

By Zivana Pavic

Black History Month

Connect and Engage!
Feb 8, 2021 - By Zivana Pavic


As we pay tribute to Black Canadians who made significant contributions to Canadian society, we’d like to hear from you. Connect and tell us what you are doing to help create an inclusive neighbourhood – where all of us are valued and cherished.

Using your cell phone or camera, record a video (maximum 2 minutes) video of yourself or your friends, and share your thoughts. Record your video in either English or French. For better quality footage, please keep your cell phone in a horizontal position. When you press “Record” please provide 3 seconds of silence or a smile, before and after your message.

Please start your video:

My name is ________
This Black History Month, here is what I want to say to all my Hunt Club neighbours…

Upload your Video

By sending your video you are giving us permission to post it on our social media platforms for the purpose of promoting and celebrating Black History Month, with this year’s theme “Future is Now”.

We will be posting videos on this page, and social media between Feb 16 and 28.
Keep coming back to this page, and like our page on Twitter and Facebook.
Join us and take part in this worthy initiative!

Read more about Black History Month here.











Christine (en)

Christine (fr)


2 thoughts on “Black History Month

  1. BRAVO! The Hunt Club community is a beautiful example of how well a multi-cultural community can be! Very proud of my sister, Christine, for her contributions to improve her community.

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