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Ocean Bridge – Creative Connections

By John D. Reid

Ocean Bridge – Creative Connections

Jan 16, 2021 - By John D. Reid

Have you seen this poster? I found it pasted on the side of a couple of mailboxes while out for a walk. It’s about Creative Connections, a virtual community art program for seniors. Read the poster for yourself.

What captured my interest is that it’s about painting endangered ocean species, a project created under the Ocean Bridge Ambassadorship program. What’s Ocean Bridge? It turns out it might hold an opportunity for a young person in our community.

“Ocean Bridge connects Canadian youth from coast to coast to coast empowering them to make a difference towards ocean conservation. Each year 160 youth (ages 18-30) form a national team engaged in co-creating and delivering service projects for their home communities and two immersive expeditions addressing Ocean Health and Ocean Literacy in Canada.”

Here’s what Sam, who leads Creative Connections had to say about Ocean Bridge.

“Ocean Bridge is a great opportunity to learn more about ocean conservation in Canada and be involved with initiatives that build real and long-lasting changes. Anyone can join, whether you’re a student, an individual working a full-time job, your background is in environmental science or your background is in English. It’s also really awesome for learning how to build initiatives on your own and getting support from mentors and a larger (Canada wide) community. Despite not having the opportunity to do many of the activities originally planned for this year, the Ocean Bridge team worked exceedingly hard to create a positive and impactful experience. I loved my time in this program and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested!”

If you are or know of someone in the community who might find this an interesting opportunity check out the website at



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