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2022-23 HCCA Board of Directors Election
By the Numbers

By Brian Wade

2022-23 HCCA Board of Directors Election

By the Numbers
Dec 13, 2022 - By Brian Wade

The election of the Board of Directors for the upcoming year is a highlight of the Hunt Club Community Association’s Annual  General Meeting (AGM).   Interest in this year’s election was at an all time high.  Since introducing the online voting platform ElectionBuddy in 2020, we have seen an increase in the number of members eligible to vote.  In the November 2020 board elections, we saw 54 eligible voters, in the May 2022 By-election, we saw 77 voters, and in November 2022 board election we had 86 eligible voters.

The Election Buddy platform  allows for greater participation of association members.  In the past, only members who attended the annual meeting were able to cast a vote.  Online voting now allows all eligible voters to securely cast a vote whether they can attend the AGM or not.   For those that are unable to or prefer not to vote online, Election Buddy allows the election return officer to issue print ballots.  As per HCCA bylaws,  I, Brian Wade,  as Past President, was the Elections Returns Officer for this election.

This year’s election saw four brand new candidates – Mary Nduati, Fiona Bailey, Carl Fannin and Melissa MacIsaac.  We had seven returning candidates Sabrine Barakat, Peter Foulger, Peter Brimacombe, Patrick Morton, Zane Oueja, Piero Narducci and Brian Wade.   Piero Narducci was on the board back in 2016-2017 and I was the Past President.      Voters had the option of selecting one to ten candidates.   New this year was that all candidates had an opportunity to fill out a “Get to Know You” questionnaire that asked a number of ice breaker questions and few local issues based questions.

It’s HCCA tradition to hold the Election of the President separately from the other directors.  For the first time in many years, we had two candidates vie for the position of President – the incumbent,  Peter Brimacombe and HCCA Treasurer Audrey Belanher-Baur.  With 79% of the vote, Audrey became HCCA new President and Peter Brimacombe assumed the role of Past President.

As per our bylaws, directors must receive 2/3 of the vote or be appointed by the president. During the annual meeting where the election results were being ratified, the members requested our new President Audrey, to appoint Peter Foulger  and Carl Fannin.

Read on in the next article to meet your new Board of Directors.

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