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Hunt Club Book Club
Residents Share Their Favourite Reads

By Christine Johnson

Hunt Club Book Club

Residents Share Their Favourite Reads
Jan 6, 2023 - By Christine Johnson

The Hunt Club Book Club is a brainchild of resident Linda Sabine and meets monthly on the second Thursday of each month, from 3 to 4 pm at the tables in the front lobby of our Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre.  The inaugural session was held on Nov 10th, with Linda, Christine, Maura and Sabiha in attendance.

This is a no stress book club, without any homework, as we do not discuss the same book.  Each participant brings a favourite book and shares something about its author, when it was written, the time and setting of the story and a very brief summary of the plot.  They then explain how they came upon this particular novel, and why it’s meaningful to them.   The conversation flows from there.  Coffee or tea is brought in by the participants.  There is also the option of making a cup of tea from the selection of teas donated to the community centre kitchen by the Hunt Club Community Association.

We welcome new participants for this free, monthly social gathering.   Next session will be on Thursday, January 12th at 3 pm.

Below: Maura talks about her book pick as Linda, Sabiha and Christine listen carefully.  In behind, we see the new Recycling Library where residents can ‘take a book’ and ‘leave a book’, another way to support literacy in our community.

November 10th Book Club Meeting         Recycling Library                              Fun Facts





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