Meetings & Documents

December 1, 2014

Monthly Meeting
December 1, 2014


  • John Sankey, President
  • Peter Foulger, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Christine Johnson, Vice President
  • Fred McLennan
  • Vanessa Sutton
  • Brent Scollie
  • Dan Kaplansky
  • John Wins-Purdy
  • Glenn MacCrimmon
  • Howard Stollery
  • Al Gullon

John Sankey: He invited new attendees to pay their membership dues ($10 a year), presented the agenda and asked for approval.

Capital Kids Tennis
John Wins-Purdy: He represents the Ontario Tennis Association which is implementing a tennis program for children ages 6 to 12. The program is already active in Ottawa. This year the program will be expanded to Owl Park. The program runs from May to August. The program is run in the summer because there are few indoor tennis courts in the City – 309 outdoor courts – 26 indoor courts.
Howard Stollery: Aren’t the children too young for tennis?
John Wins-Purdy: The game is adapted to be suitable for young children through progressive adaptation. This means that the youngest children have the smallest court and the lightest rackets. Also the balls are not as bouncy.
Howard Stollery: Are you over subscribed?
John Wins-Purdy: Last year two locations were full and hopefully all the locations will be full this year. Equipment is provided to the children free-of-charge but they can also buy their own. Vanessa Sutton: This program would be valuable to children living in Ottawa Community Housing. You should tell them about this program.
John Sankey: He will send him a list of the Ottawa Community Housing Co-ops.

November Minutes
Christine Johnson: The last meeting dealt with changes in the constitution but they were not clearly described in the minutes. She would like to include the relevant articles before and after the changes.
Motion: To approve the November 2014 minutes with the changes. Moved by Al Gullon, seconded by Dan Kaplansky. Carried.

Community Design Plan
There was discussion of the possibility of development of the Hunt Club Golf Course. The land itself is of course zoned but there is nothing to govern its redevelopment. 20 years ago there was a great deal of effort put into the Neighbourhood Study. The main focus of the Study was the proposed redevelopment of the Southern Corridor. At the time, there was fierce opposition and no framework for development of the Southern Corridor was formalized.
Vanessa Sutton: We could ask a City Planner to give us an overview of the formal plans for our neighbourhood.

Treasurer’s Report
Peter Foulger: Presented the Treasurer’s Report.

John Sankey: Vanessa Sutton has proposed a public education program dealing with topics such as youth mental health and aging with dignity. The projector would provide high definition video. It needs to be portable which means it can be moved from room to room. Peter Foulger is donating a screen. The recommended projector is the Optoma Home Theatre Projector and it costs $881. Maria McCrae has donated $300 and a private person has donated another $100 so we need another $481.
Motion: To spend $481.00 to buy the Home Theatre Projector. Moved by Brent Scollie, seconded by Dan Kaplansky, carried.

Education Program
Vanessa Sutton: The first topic to be presented January 2015 is youth mental health. Parents are the target audience. The presentation will present resources such as the Youth Services Bureau and the Children’s Hospital. The following topics will be presented:
February 2015 aging with dignity
March 2015 Ottawa Immigration Services Partnership
April 2015 cycling safety and transit issues
May 2015 crime prevention
June 2015 feeling safe in public places
Howard Stollery: A policeman friend recently was talking about conflict among different immigrant groups. He might be a good speaker.

There was a general discussion about personal safety around the new bridge.
Howard Stollery: His wife crossed the bridge to go to South Keys, when she was about to enter the Transit Station she saw a man whose demeanour made her feel unsafe so she turned around and went home.
John Sankey: There are extensive video cameras in the Transit Station plus there is continuous lighting along the bridge and pathway.
Howard Stollery: The new pedestrian bridge gives access to South Keys Shopping Mall as well as the constructed wetlands. The bridge will enhance property values.

Next meeting: Monday January 5 at 19:00