Meetings & Documents

January 5, 2015

Monthly Meeting
January 5, 2015


  • John Sankey, President
  • Christine Johnson, Vice President
  • Peter Foulger, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Marilyn Koch
  • Vanessa Sutton
  • Riley Brockington, Councillor
  • Brent Scollie
  • Glenn MacCrimmon
  • Al Gullon
  • Bernie Geiger
  • Marc Rivard
  • Sue McCarthy
  • Bernadette Ryan

John Sankey: Presented the agenda and asked for approval. Another topic could be video camera surveillance around the South Keys Transit Station. There is only one but maybe we want another?

Motion: To approve the December 2014 minutes. Moved by Peter Brimacombe, seconded by Al Gullon, carried.

Councillor’s Report
Riley Brockington: Local ice rinks should open soon.
There are three sets of public meetings: the O-Train extension, the Airport Parkway and the budget:
O-Train extension: January 13, 6-8 PM at the Jim Durrell Centre and January 15, 6-8 PM at St. Anthony’s Banquet Hall.
Airport Parkway: January 27, 6-8 PM at Jim Durrell.
budget: February 9 at City Hall.
He was briefed on Paul Anka traffic calming and is looking at the options. There was one complaint in 2007. He is also looking at options for Uplands Drive between Paul Anka and Huntwood.
Al Gullon: Traffic circles should be implemented: they have very little cost. They are a part of the “shared spaces” concept:
John Sankey: He thinks that the traffic circle at Flannery/Brookfield was $150,000. [It was later found that the cost was $1.35 million.] The province governs their design. If you put a traffic circle at Uplands and Paul Anka, the 18-wheelers that deliver to the Metro couldn’t handle it.
Brent Scollie: Buses sometimes have trouble turning onto and off Paul Anka as it is and traffic circles could make it worse.
Bernie Geiger: One example of shared space is the area between City Hall and Lisgar. In our community, the main concern for pedestrian safety is the stretch of McCarthy south of the railway tracks.
John Sankey: Speed bumps are not allowed on McCarthy because it’s a major collector. Speed cameras are not allowed.
Riley Brockington: The Airport Parkway Pedestrian Bridge is now open. The City plows it and puts down sand and salt. Safety on the bridge is his concern. There are no video cameras to cover the actual bridge. Police have to drive to either side and then proceed on foot. He has organized a meeting for tomorrow afternoon to meet with representatives from all relevant City departments, as well as Councillor Deans, to address the issues that have been brought to his attention by local residents.
Riley Brockington: He has already met with the HCCO President, John Sankey and will met with the other community organizations later in January. Sarah Barber is the new Community Relations Officer for River Ward. Fridays she will work at the Hunt Club/Riverside Community Centre but you can phone or e-mail her anytime.
Vanessa Sutton: We are trying to put up a bulletin board in the Community Centre. Could you help us?
Riley Brockington: He will help and barring all else, the window of his office in the Community Centre could be used.
Peter Brimacombe: Why did the City take down the chain link fence on the east side of McCarthy, south of the railway tracks?
Riley Brockington: He will check.

Treasurer’s Report
Peter Foulger: Presented the Treasurer’s report.

Christine Johnson: She is stepping down as Editor of the newsletter Hunt Club My Community but Sue McCarthy has agreed to step in as interim Editor.
Sue McCarthy: She is retired from the Federal Civil Service where she worked in financial policy and planning. Sue has lived in the Hunt Club community for over 30 years. She enjoys writing and looks forward to working as the Editor.
Christine Johnson: In order to continue, the newsletter needs a team. As well as Editor there is need for people to work on advertising, writing and distribution.
John Sankey: The December issue of Hunt Club My Community contained an error which he didn’t catch. It contained the claim by Dr. John Stone that he is a Nobel Prize winner by virtue of working for the International Panel on Climate Change when that institution received the Nobel Peace Prize. In the words of the Nobel Committee: “Individual persons connected to or working for a Nobel Prize awarded organization can not in any way describe him or herself personally as a Nobel Laureate.”

Public Education
Vanessa Sutton: She organized a public lecture on youth mental health. Maureen Thibault spoke on the Crossroads Children’s Centre:

Problem Parking
John Sankey: Private driveways are sometimes so close to each other that cars parking on the roads block them. This is a problem on Paul Anka and Uplands. The City requires that there be a space of 1.5 meters between a parked car and a private driveway. The space is measured along the length of the roadway.

Airport Parkway Twining
John Sankey: There will be an open house January 27, 6-8 PM at the Jim Durrell Centre. This project is likely to go ahead. It will involve replacing the bridge over Hunt Club Road as well as rebuilding the intersection of Lester Road and Uplands Drive. He doesn’t see significant problems.
Bernie Geiger: The land around Uplands Drive is governed by the Airport Authority which favours development. The townhouses and school on the former Uplands Base will be torn down and redeveloped.
John Sankey: Development is subject to Federal noise regulations.
Bernie Geiger: He lives on Condor Drive and is concerned about traffic noise for residents near Plante. Noise berms/barriers should form part of the project. Â

O-Train Expansion
John Sankey: There is a proposal to extend the O-Train southwards to the Airport and Bowesville:
There are serious problems with the proposal: the criteria for the airport link did not include cost efficiency. Shuttles or buses were not to be considered. Schedules are confusing. The treatment of wetland impact is inconsistent. There is a public meeting January 13, 6-8 PM at the Jim Durrell Centre.

Hunt Club Creek
John Sankey: Hunt Club Creek is now officially recognized.

Next meeting: Monday February 2, at 19:00