Meetings & Documents

December 5, 1994

Monthly Meeting
December 5, 1994

Agenda 5 December 1994

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Minutes of 7 November 1994 meeting
  3. Commitee Reports:
    • Community Development: Neighbourhood Plan presentation by Jeff Hunter, from City of Ottawa planning commissioner office. Mr. Hunter is a City Planner who is assigned to assist our community in providing good planning for the Hunt Club Community. This exercise will be jointly shared with the Riverside Park Community because of their backing on the NCC and hydro land. Bill Royds has a zoning map to hand out and Mr. Hunter will have larger maps. This exercise will entail getting the community to discuss and agree on what sort of development will serve the community best and to seek an amendment to the City and Regional Plan to reflect the zoning as it is now and not have it on the books as it was when the developers obtained the zoning to suit their purposes. We will allot 1 hour for this discussion.
      For update the following items are brought forward only if a change requires discussion:
      a) Bowesville Road-Mario Rodriques Wendy 3 Jan 95 or Feb
      b)City of Ottawa Library in area-Bill Royds Bob Poulsen
      c) 3175 Uplands Drive GARAND site development-Mario Rodriques
    • Social: Linda Poulsen NEW YEARS EVE DANCE – planning status
    • Recreation: Fred Winters Owl Drive high board rink Contract signed; status of snowblowers Honda $2700
    • Communications: Bill or Alan
    • Membership: Peter Vasdi validity of memberships past 31 July? sell for following year.
    • Treasurer: Ezio Subissati BofM doesn’t charge fees for nonprofit organizations
  4. Old Business
  5. Correspondence
    a) Copy of Letter Mr. Bernie Geiger to NTA re his objection to an extension of CP Rail abandonment dated 21 October/94.
    b) City of Ottawa dpd amendment to Ottawa O.P. re land south of the Hunt Club Bridge dated 23/11/94
    c) Letter from COA to re-register for the list of concerned community groups for 1995.
    d)COA letter, DPD dated 23/11/94 re site plan control application for 3175 Uplands.
    e) COA letter, DPD dated 17/11/94, re Proposed amendment to the City of Ottawa Official Plan.
    f) copy of Aerobrief
    g) Civic Hospital -November 1994-do we want to sponsor/enter a bed in their 1995 bed race on the canal?
  6. Next meeting: January 3,1995, TUESDAY rather than Monday. 7:30 pm