Meetings & Documents

January 3, 1995

Monthly Meeting
January 3, 1995

Reports from Councilors

Wendy Stewart

  • OC Transpo – change to services due to the opening of the transitway. – Bill said that there is a need for better communication with the non English/French community.
  • South Ottawa/Gloucester Social Services Center Cris Caven is chairing a group to fill a need in this area.
  • McCarthy Woods and area zoning and planning – Wendy provided details on the current zoning of this area. There is considerable amount work to do to understand the process and have a positive effect on what happens to this area.

Karin Howard

  • Neighbourhood Plan Riverside Community Association agreed to work with HCCO on a plan for the area between our communities. Karen is working to get the planning process on the city agenda.
  • Karen said Eric Bunkis is a very good resource on neighbourhood safety.
  • We confirmed with Karen that the proposed small library in the Hunt Club community is a high priority.

Moved and approved that the HCCO join the Federation of Community Associations at $25.00 per year. Bill Royds to be our representative.