Meetings & Documents

December 7, 2020

Monthly Meeting
December 7, 2020

  1. Brian Wade, President
  2. Sue McCarthy, Vice President
  3. Sabrine Barakat, Treasurer
  4. Jason Dubue, Secretary
  5. Christine Johnson, Director
  6. John Reid, Director
  7. Kat Gracie, Director
  8. Lynette Joseph-Sankey, Director
  9. Marilyn Koch, Director
  10. Peter Foulger, Director
  11. Zivana Pavic, Director
  12. Riley Brockington, Councillor
  13. Joel Duff, RPCA
  14. Tania Mushka
  15. Noella Bussieres Butler
  16. Matt Page
  17. Kate Cathrae
  18. Rob Burnfield
  19. Barb Shea
  20. Denise Baizana
  21. Sophie Reussner-Pazur
  22. Peter Brimacombe
  23. Zane Oueja

Regrets: Abiodun Mosuro, Director

Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome and Introductions (15 Minutes)

a. Introductions

Brian welcomed attendees, and everyone did a round of introductions

2. Approval of the Agenda (1 Minute)

a. Agenda: Dec 7, 2020

Request to add: ”Leadership of committees & groups”.  Included into ‘Governance’.

Motion: To accept the agenda for this meeting.
Moved by Sue McCarthy, seconded by Zivana Pavic

3. Approval of Minutes (2 Minutes)

a. Minutes: November 2, 2020 (AGM)

Motion: To approve the November meeting minutes.
Moved by Christine Johnson, seconded by Jason Dubue, passed vote

4. Reports (35 Minutes)

a. Treasurer's Report

We are still working on the transition to our new Treasurer, Sabrine Barakat. There is no report this month. There are some new memberships coming in.

b. Councillor Riley Brockington’s report

The Councillor presented a written report

  • Budget debated this week, highlights are the following:
    • Final design of the Airport Parkway widening project. 2023 until late 2024
    • The LRT Phase 2 – Trillium Line extension. Construction in 2021.
    • $933,000 is set aside in 2021 – New Mooney Bay Pavilion.
    • Hunt Club Road repaving: westbound between Paul Anka Dr & Airport Parkway
    • Sawmill creek pathway. Consultant was hired and fixing it in 2021
  • Bank Street Renewal (Riverside Dr to Ledbury): Will impact commuters on Bank
  • Traffic Calming: Cahill Dr W, Plante, Gillespie, Uplands. Cut-through traffic Kimberwick.
  • Proposed three way stop sign for Owl / Pigeon intersection. *
  • Uplands Park new name: Generate list of possible names. *
  • McCarthy Park amenities: Adding lights to the basketball court at night.
    Riley would like dialogue about other amenities, what’s reasonable and affordable for other changes in the parks?
  • Library lockers: open now at community centre.
  • Sponsor a Hamper with the Caring and Sharing Exchange: Sponsor a family if possible.
  • List of outdoor skating rinks for River ward. There is a need for volunteers in the ward.

Discussions after the report included:

  • A family with 7 kids reached out to HCCA. We got some help from South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre. Christine has been canvassing neighbours for donations to help. If anyone can help contact Sue. Riley advised that if anyone is aware of a family in need to let him know.
  • John Reid asked what the impact on transit within our community would be. Riley is looking at any possible savings that don’t impact service.

Wendy Stewart Pond pathway. Consideration that many people would love to see added benches along the pathway.

  • Request of endorsement from HCCA for Riley to use for proposed Owl/Pigeon stop sign.
  • Up to 3 people from HCCA be nominated to the working group to rename Uplands Park

5. City Services

a. Library Services Group Update

The Library Services group has made 2 specific, measurable goals.

  • Long Term (5-15 years): Expansion of the Hunt Club-Riverside Community Centre by adding a second floor dedicated to a library branch.
  • Short-Term (ASAP): Establish an interim measure. Open a library branch at “Hunt Club Centre” (Suggesting Units 1006 & 1008).

Christine Johnson and John Reid presented at the Ottawa Public Library Board meeting. The Library Services group is keeping engagement with Councillor Matthew Luloff (Chair for OPL) and Councillor Riley Brockington.

OPL currently holds a Reserve Fund of 3 million dollars (highly unusual and likely to increase), Our position is advantageous for a future library in Hunt Club. To get in touch, email for further information.

b. City of Ottawa Ward Boundary Review

  • The Finance and Economic Development Committee has approved the consultants recommendation to adopt option 6. This is the new River Ward (#21) Map:
  • Southern boundary now stops at the North side of Hunt Club Road, excluding the South side where commercial properties previously fell within our boundary.

Motion: Does HCCA support the new ward boundary?
Moved by Sue McCarthy, seconded by John Reid, passed vote

c. Winter Maintenance Quality Standards (WMQS) Review

  • Snow Clearing: New staff in charge is starting with quality control tests. 
  • Public Consultation: (how to get involved)
  • HCCA Invited to be on the Community Group Engagement Team
  • Sabrine’s son, Zane, would like to be involved in the group.

d. The New Official Plan
A draft report has come out and is open to all public for Public Consultation Feedback, due by February 17, 2021.

If the working group would like a briefing from high level planning staff, and how this impacts Hunt Club, Riley would be happy to facilitate that for HCCA.

  • Call for volunteers for working group to help with official comments from HCCA:

    • Peter Brimacombe
    • Christine Johnson

6. Outreach

a. Holiday planning

Joel Duff shared the plans from Riverside Park for the holidays.

Trees for goats:. Locate local goat farmers who agree to accept trees after Christmas. Pine trees are a great de-wormer for goats. Community can donate at drop-off points.
Could be used for ice rinks as well.

Driveway Caroling: Produce a list of carols with lyrics, distribute to the community, and encourage people to sing from driveway or doorstep. 

Virtual Caroling: Have people record themselves singing Feliz Navidad, and splice them together with an editor, and share videos with local senior homes.

Letters for seniors: Consult senior residences, and schools in the neighbourhood. if both would agree to have students write letters of cheer to pass to the seniors.

Christmas Story Reading:
Reading stories on Facebook the last week before Christmas.

Santa’s message and “Nice” list: Santa named “Nick” recording on Dec 19th.
Asking for submissions for children’s names before Dec 18

  • Denyse Baizana & Sue willing to help with caroling, and Sue could give tips for recording.
  • Peter Brimacombe is willing to help out where possible.
  • Matt Page willing to record storytelling, Jason can edit videos and animate 1 story.
  • Christine is willing to help by connecting with schools and retirement homes.
  • Saint Patrick’s Home would like donated small stuffed animals or boxes of chocolates.

7. Governance

a. 2021 Priorities

  • GetGrowing – for sure on our agenda.
  • Fall Festival – plan for ‘if public health regulations allow’.
  • Strategic framework: acronym (OUR PARKS).
    For goals follow (SMART): Strategic. Measurable. Accountability. Realistic. Timeframe.

In the next few months, what are our goals? Open to floor

  • Increase our profile, In return it will increase our membership. We have already started with the outreach committee, website upgrade, and posting on social media.
  • Raise engagement in our community. Support our strategic objectives. Virtual events due to pandemic. Be mindful of mental health and Covid. Are there residents who feel isolated, depressed, or need help? What can HCCA do to be helpful with people’s issues?
  • A communication schedule for social media with themed days (ex. TedTalk Tuesdays). Provide information to help build informed communities. Continued use of social media, amplifying messages. Add Instagram.
  • Increase Business sponsors (and memberships) to create revenue and set long term goals. Long term goals take time but they feed fundraising. Add business directory.
  • Governance, and updating the Bylaws.
  • Research & Statistical data to factually describe who we are. How are we specifically different as a community? Example, we are more diverse than other communities.
    • A “Needs Assessment” of the entire community. Would need help from Riley’s office and other partners.
    • Initiate a “Let’s Talk Hunt Club” chat on the Sunday prior to our monthly meetings. Talk with the community, as well as start discussions ahead of time to help move faster through points in formal meetings. 
  • Other Focus points
    • Library Services, 
    • Environment & climate-change. What people can do in their “everyday lives” to help make a difference. Riley mentioned his April newsletter will have an Earth Day dedicated buletin. 
    • Adding Clubs, welcome kit, mentorships, amplifying messages. 
  • Ongoing efforts to structure goals longer than the fiscal year. If goals carry into the fall of the next year, we stay ahead of the game and target resources.

Riley has invited our input of amenities for McCarthy Park.

b. Committees and groups

Chair positions:

Communications Sue McCarthy
Library Services Christine Johnson
Governance Brian Wade
Environment Group [open to agreement within committee members]
City Services [open]
Food Security Lynette Joseph-Sankey

Environment Group: 

  • Up to committee members to decide who will take leadership.
  • Environment group is an umbrella that also includes 
    • Park Angels, Food Security, Climate change, and Stream Watch groups
  • Lynette requested that Park Angels could benefit from new members helping.

Discussion about how big some Committees can be, depending on what they include, such as Governance can only be a limited number of members. Should there be clarity in the governance to distinguish committees and groups, and how they function? These will be in the review process for the Governance committee this year.

Ad Hoc committee and president to establish realistic expectations to make sure we are all on the same page, in the same direction.

8. Adjournment of Meeting

a. Next Meeting: January 4, 2021

Motion: to adjourn the meeting
Moved by Lynette Joseph-Sankey, seconded by Zivana Pavic

Meeting adjourned at 21:12
Next meeting will be on Monday January 4, 2021 at 19:00