Meetings & Documents

February 4, 1980

Monthly Meeting
February 4, 1980


  • Mountain
  • Labelle
  • Hampson
  • LaBerge
  • Gelston
  • Green
  • Cushing
  • McLennan
  • Hockey
  • Guest Bob Kerr.

The meeting was called to order at approx. 7pm, and the agenda was agreed upon.

Police: A.Mountain introduced a guest, Bob Kerr from the Ottawa Police Crime Prevention Unit. Kerr explained beeak-ins were a growing problem in this area, and there are currently about 6,000 in Ottawa annually. He explained Operation Identification, and mentioned one person already active in our district, Lee Croft, 1207 Plante. He said 907o area participation was needed for large warning signs, but area needed not really defined. Not our entire area. Homes receive two stickers after engraving SIN on valuables. Engravers cost about $8 at Canadian Tire – Association can buy a few or home owners encouraged to buy their own.

Kerr gave a few tips : One ploy to ring bell, if door answered ask for non-existant person. Description should be written down if this happens. They are checking to see if anyone is home. Another, don’t leave garage door open while away, and always answer telephones – it may be used as a decoy. Having a neighbour clear snow from drive is a sound idea, so is not to stop paper delivery. Better to have neighbour take it in. Paper “stops” may be sold as leads to people going away. House numbers should be clear, and best, illuminated.

On a motion by Green, seconded LaBerge, it was agreed to hold a public meeting on the topic within 6 weeks. Green to prepare leaflet, Labelle to liase with school authorities. Kerr said he was always available for questions and house visits. Traffic problems should go to Duty Inspector. He said police protection would increase with the number of calls, so to report even small items.

Facilities: Mountain/Hockey explained a coming meeting following a petition signed by several hundred people demanding recreation facilities. In essence, they supported our stated position. This group to be represented by two persons due to space limitations. This arose mostly through condominium residents, and the question was asked why our Condominium Liaison reps hadn’t been advised.

It was proposed we have a follow up meeting on same subject, invite two City Reps to sit on a panel with our representatives to field audience questions, and to discuss issues as a panel. This should be separate from police meeting, it was decided, but Block Parents should be invited to take part, and memberships should be available at both.

Funds: Moved LaBerge seconded Hampson that planning committee for should h ave necessary funds to arrange meeting and flyers. carried.

Member cards: After discussion, it was moved McLellan seconded Labelle that up to $100 be spent on membership card printing. Keith Printers were suggested for a good price.

It was noted trees had been chopped at Paul Anka/McCarthy by city crews. Reason to be checked and reported back next meeting

A petition of Plante residents regareding bus service was mentioned. No action taken.

Adjourned 8.55pm. Next meetings of exec.:March 3rd,31st. Annual mtg May 5th.