Meetings & Documents

March 10, 1980

Monthly Meeting
March 10, 1980


  • Labelle
  • LaBerge
  • Gelston
  • Green
  • Cushing
  • McLennan
  • Dennison
  • Stuebing
  • Rowat
  • Weisman

The meeting was called to order at approximately 7:30pm and was chaired by Rick Green. Minutes of February 4th meeting were read. David Rowat’s name was added to those who attended. Minutes were then formally adopted.

Membership: Membership cards have now been printed and distribution discussed. Membership cards will be offered for sale by Peter LaBerge at March 11th meeting of condominiums. Fifty (50) cards will be delivered to Bob Kerr, Ottawa Police Crime Prevention Unit for sale in two apartment buildings on corner of Uplands and Paul Anka. Mr. Kerr has offered to sell them there when he gives lecture on security. Cards will also be offered for sale at General Meeting of March 18th.

Executive Vacancies: We have lost some officers through the year, several more are resigning at the end of the term. Mrs. Hampson has given her notice effective immediately. Mrs. Stuebing resigned this evening and will submit her letter as soon as possible. Mr. Leblanc has not attended and has automatically resigned as per Section I(f). Rick Rodger – Director Major Development Projects is deceased. Names of people leaving at end of term: Art Mountain, Mary Weisman, David Rowat, Linda Hockey.

Mrs. Evelyn Shore, Secretary of Quarry Condominium was contacted and they will discuss a representative from the Quarry at the next executive meeting. A member was to attend this meeting but couldn’t make it. Mary Weisman will continue to keep in touch. Peter LaBerge offered to contact Bob Blondin (from Hunt Club Estates) to accept the position of Director Recreational Services. The motion was accepted and seconded by Terry Dennison. Terry also moved that we ask Ed Lynch to be Director Major Development Projects. D^vid Rowat seconded motion. Peter LaBerge offered to approach Diane Landry for Condominium Liason. Will report back.

Parks and Recreation: Peter LaBerge reported on meetings held with Mayor and feels satisfied that they were successful, but pressure must be kept up to ensure progress. He wants to have a table set up beside head table on March 18th meeting with Mayor, in order to present the Committee’s point of view to the public. He feels the Committee should have a half hour set aside to do so. (Please note letter attached.)

There was some discussion on chairing the meeting. It was decided to leave it to Art Mountain to make a decision. Art will also be requested to arrange for P.A. System, with floor mikes. Mr. Dennison suggests that people word their questions more carefully when faced with a mike. In this watt, the meeting would be better controlled. Three stations were suggested. Flyers for the meeting of March 18th and April 4th were ready and each member offered to deliver in their areas. Rent of $20.00 was received by Mary Weisman and passed on to the school for rent of same,(April 2nd meeting.\

Security of Community: Art Mountain suggested that the community association purchase six (6) inscribing tools. Peter LaBerge said that it has been his experience that they get lost, broken or are not passed on promptly. Suggests people be encouraged to buy one of their own, or share with one or two neighbors. Everyone agreed. They can be purchased for around $9.00 at Canadian Tire. Mary Weisman was asked to get in touch with Hettie Baetes to set up Block Parents table at this meeting (April 2nd, 1980)

Other Business: A check was made about trees being chopped down at McCarthy Woods. We have been assured work crews are cutting down dead trees only.

New Business: It was suggested that since we have both a Liberal Government and a Liberal Member in Ottawa Center that it would be a good time to ask Mr. Evans about access to Parkway at Hunt Club Road. This would alleviate traffic through Riverside South. It was decided to leave it for the new executive.

Next Meeting: March 18th, 1980 with the Mayor. . Planned Meetings: March 31st, 1980 Executive Meeting, April 2nd, |980 Security of Community, May 7th, 1980 general meeting. Please note that the date of May 7th, is the only one available at R. Byrns Curry school.

Adjournment: There being no further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.