Meetings & Documents

June 4, 2001

Monthly Meeting
June 4, 2001


  • Fred MacLennan, President
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Nancy Seaby, Director (transportation and editorial)
  • Wendy Stewart, RMOC councillor
  • Fred Winters
  • Dave Lamb
  • Elizabeth Russell
  • Des Walker

Wendy Stewart: Home Depot has plans to locate a store on Bank Street just south of the LCBO. The store would require the purchase of the LCBO warehouse and the relocation of Sawmill Creek. Wendy noted that Sawmill Creek and its buffer is part of a corridor that links important natural habitats. She is arranging a meeting of the various community groups. There is a move to either close or limit the use of the Walkley and Hunt Club ramps onto the Airport Parkway. The downtown community groups: Sandy Hill, Glebe, Ottawa East and Centre Town are putting forward proposals to close or limit the use of the ramps onto the Airport Parkway. There will be a public meeting on the issue of the ramps on Tuesday June 5, 2001 at the Jim Durrel Centre on Walkley Road. Wendy noted that she voted against the Light Rail project because it would not serve our community but she believes that the a properly designed Light Rail project could serve our community.

Des Walker reported on the May 24th meeting of Planning Committee which dealt with Minto’s development on McCarthy Road. He thanked Dan Gratton for his light-hearted comments on the deficiences in the planning process. Wendy Stewart submitted a letter to the Planning Committe and was present at the meeting. The Committe approved the plan presented by the City Planner which was a compromise between Minto and the Community. The Committee approved Wendy’s proposal to direct the cash-in-lieu-of parkland to the Community Centre.

Wendy noted that there are a number of other steps before construction can begin: Minto must submit a Plan of Subdivision and an Official Plan of Ammendment which must go before the whole City Council.

Fred McLennan: CPR is proposing to expand the Walkley Rail Yards. Wendy noted that the railways provide the most energy-efficient way to move bulk items and expansion of the railways is needed.

Peter Brimacombe supports the reform of the taxi industry as proposed by Andy Haydon. The number of taxi plates should be increased so that ownership of the plates would not be a overwhelming barrier to enty into the taxi business. Currently taxi plates cost more than $100,000 and the ordinary taxi driver is a virtual slave to the plate owner. Wendy reported that Brian Bourns has written a report supporting the existing system and this report has the support of Council.

Nancy Seaby first wanted to correct last month’s minutes: she hoped that a Police Centre in the Community Resource Centre was possible but it is by no means a certainty. She noted that most of the participants in planning the new Community Resource Centre are employed in other Community Resource Centres in the City. The existing Coummunity Centre simply is not big enough to allow for more programs. In the short term, she hopes that the portable at the back of the Riverside Anglican/United Church can be used for new programming.

Next meeting: Mon 1 Oct 2001 at 7:30pm