Meetings & Documents

September 10, 2001

Monthly Meeting
September 10, 2001


  • Fred MacLennan, President
  • Alan Asselstine, Treasurer
  • Peter Brimacombe, Secretary
  • Gisèle Loiselle-Branch, Director (memberships)
  • Nancy Seaby, Director (transportation and editorial)
  • Wendy Stewart, RMOC councillor
  • Fred Winters
  • Dave Lamb
  • Elizabeth Russell
  • Des Walker
  • Cheryl Brouillard, City Planner
  • Charles Raymond
  • Helga Martin
  • Sandra Estabrooks
  • Jim Ulicny
  • Denyse Baizana
  • Noreen King
  • Doug Slater
  • Dawn Slater
  • Richard Paterson
  • Pamela McDonald
  • Maria McRae
  • Daniel Gratton
  • Mary Jarvis, Minto
  • Ron Jake, Minto
  • Judie Muligan, Minto
  • Dave McManus, Minto
  • Guy Whissel, Longwood Building
  • Don Kennedy, Longwood Building

Cheryl Brouillard (City Planner) reported on the Minto Development on McCarthy Road: the zoning bylaw was amended to allow the compromise proposal, the next step is to present the plan of subdivision to the City. The low water pressure experienced by the Carleton Condominium is caused by its higher elevation and that the 180 units to be built will not further reduce the water pressure. Minto will plant new cedar hedgerows and a few new trees.

Des Walker said that the squirrels on the existing property would be displaced by the new construction and asked if there were any plans to relocate them. He asked about damage to properties on Kildeer Bay caused by blasting.

Cheryl replied that there were no plans to relocate the squirrels but there was a program to monitor damage caused by blasting.

Daniel Gratton was disappointed with the results of the planning process, he thought that there should be a squirrel relocation program and in general believed that the environmental aspects were not properly considered.

Sandra Estabrooks brought attention to the fact that the existing fence is one metre off the surveyed property line and she asked what would be done with the trees and cedar hedgerow that lie beside the fence.

Mary Jarvis (Minto) said that the fence on the Co-op property would be moved to the property line – this move cannot be done without damaging the existing cedar hedge – the cedar trees that are damaged will be replaced. The trees along the fence will be kept but the trees in the body of the site would be cut down. She hoped that the subdivision plan would be approved in October and that construction could start later in the fall.

Don Kennedy and Guy Whissel (Longwood Construction) presented a plan to build 25 bungalow-style townhouses on the vacant property just off Patermeade Crescent. The plan includes a pathway along the west side of the development – this path would connect Patermeade to Hunt Club – right now there is a dirt path which allows people to walk or bicycle from Patermeade to Hunt Club. The existing noise barrier would be rebuilt to allow for the pathway. Once the development was complete the City would own the pathway and would maintain it.

Wendy Stewart said that the plan fits with City policy to encourage more efficient use of land through infill development and that the townhouses are close to the existing bus stops on Hunt Club.

Maria McRae is a member of the group that Wendy Stewart has organized to work on a community resource centre in Hunt Club. Maria presented a proposal to create a community resource centre in Hunt Club – our community is the only one that doesn’t have a resource centre. Services that would be offered would include stop smoking programs, crisis councilling and seniors programs. The group will make a presentation to members of City Council September 27, 2001. Funds come from the Social Services budget of the City.

Wendy Stewart quickly presented her report: most people are satisfacted with the Minto Development on McCarthy Road; the beavers in Hacket Pond build dams which cause flooding – their numbers need to be reduced; a young man was killed while racing his car on Riverside Drive; the Urbandale Towers just north of Fine’s Flowers are going ahead; the City Committee on Transportation voted 4 to 3 to keep the existing ramps from Walkley Road to the Airport Parkway; young men playing basketball are distribing other residents on Rhapsody Lane; proposed Home Depot store just south of the LCBO on Bank Street looks too big for the site; Wendy is concerned that our local bus service will be cut back to make Light Rail look good.

Annual General Meeting to be held Monday November 5, 2001

Next meeting: Mon 1 Oct 2001 at 7:30pm